Kitchen renovations are never fun for anyone. Like bathroom renovations, all that plumbing and electrical work can have your project dragging on until your patience has run out. However, the upside to starting over is the opportunity to choose every single thing for your kitchen. Fixtures, sink, flooring, even the kitchen cabinets. Rustic kitchens might be the most fun to design because you can get away with all kinds of cabinets. Wood, painted, unfinished, the options are limitless. So as you are looking over your options for your own renovation, scroll through these 10 types of rustic kitchen cabinets for some inspiration.

How do you stay classy and rustic at the same time? You install cabinets that are the grayest wood shade you can find. They’ll become the uniting factor of modern sensibilities in an older house. Just what your modern self is looking for.

Wood is so natural and warm, adding all the comforting tones to any room you design. Choose some cabinets in a lighter wood shade that will feel homey but not overwhelming. Glass fronts also help the overall spacious style.

Of course if you prefer the deep side of your color scheme, opt for kitchen cabinets that have a dark wood stain. This would work especially well in the kitchen with the higher ceilings because it will make your space feel cozier.

Not all kitchen cabinets must be smooth to touch. Go ahead and leave a little bit of the grain feel on your wood kitchen cabinets. Your space will feel more like a cabin kitchen that’s a little worn around the edges, even if it’s brand new.

Sometimes the best pieces in the home are the ones with a story. Install cabinets in your kitchen that have already seen action in someone else’s. They can’t help but bring a rustic vibe along with them.

Looking for the ultimate rustic cabinets for your kitchen? Build them yourself! Collect old wood from sheds and barns and wherever people don’t want it and build yourself a set of rustic kitchen cabinets that will transform your whole house.

Kitchen cabinets don’t have to be brown wood to be rustic. A pretty gray set of cabinets, painted smooth, will draw the eyes to the other rustic features in your home rather than taking the attention themselves.

There is something to be said for deep gray cabinets. Being a neutral, they provide a cooler temperature in your very wood and very warm rustic kitchen without adding real color. But they definitely make their own statement.

Obviously gray is a popular choice for rustic kitchen cabinets because you can go even darker and it still looks amazing. Darker grays are easier to add blue or green shades to without making it feel like you painted your cabinets emerald.

One way to get instantly rustic without any work at all is to thrift your kitchen cabinets. Or even just one cupboard! Pick the one with the chippy paint and squeaky hinges for that wonderful homey effect.

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