The bathroom has an important role in a house. It is a private area where you start and end the day, whether it be to clean the body, soaking, to enjoy a relaxing time. Bathroom design really determines your comfort, the right arrangement and choosing the furniture that suits your personality will help when you want to restore energy.

There are tons of bathroom styles to suit, but if you want a bathroom look that isn’t boring then a vintage style bathroom is the best choice. Vintage bathrooms have been known since the 50s. Even though it is antique, this style seems timeless, and it is often a favorite of many people today.

Vintage room has a classy style that is not obtained from any bathroom design, the style is also able to give the impression of luxury thanks to the use of vintage items. Hanging lamps, copper bathtubs, to bathroom tiles that give an elegant impression. Here are 10 bathroom design with vintage style that you can apply to take your bathroom to the next level.

1. Options copper-colored tub is perfect for vintage style. Even though this room is small, the use of open windows and placement of classic furniture makes it feel more spacious.


2. Shades of black and white are performed beautifully. Not only bringing vintage impression, but also feels a minimalist.


3. Lighting plays an important role in vintage style. If a chandelier is still lacking, you coud add more light on the wall.


4. Although minimalist, the bathtub still looks antique. Meanwhile the curtains and glass walls really attract attention.


5. A vintage-style bathroom can be made anywhere, including blending into the bedroom. You can even place a comfortable reading nook there.


6. Vintage does not have to look long. Add a modern impression to refresh the atmosphere. Some houseplants or hanging plants are the best decorations.


7. If you want a bright look for a vintage bathroom, white is the right choice. Pair it with shabby chic furnishings.


8. Boho style looks simple for a vintage room. The design is clean with some comfortable furniture will help you relax.


9. A bathtub can be placed anywhere, and for vintage style you can place it however you want. Add curtains to maintain your privacy while making it look more antique.


10. Vintage-style bathrooms do not have to be closed. If you like, go with an open concept for this style, don’t forget to add some refreshing greenery.


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