There are so many things that can make a home beautiful, that we will need a week just to mention them. But, it’s the little things that can really spice up a place and make it gorgeous, so today we thought about ten items you need for your home to make it splendid:

1. Add a bar cart

Stylish and very practical, a bar cart is an essential element that helps you entertain your guests and also have a trendy home. Purchase a golden cart and accessorize it with glam glasses, cute bottles and decorative object in golden and frames with themed quotes.

2. Focus on a stylish coffee table

It’s not a big art in decorating the perfect coffee table. All you need is some coffee books like albums or fashion books, a great deco piece, a tray where you keep your small items and a beautiful vase filled with pink roses or peonies.

3. Choose a dreamy cabinet and decorate the wall around it

This key corner of your home can be ideal for your bedroom drawer or for the hallway. Pick a cabinet with a cute print or one made from a fancy material, or just a simple one that you can paint. Focus on the art on top of it and add a painting or framed picture that really captures your attention. And, don’t forget to decorate the top of the cabinet with gorgeous deco pieces and books.

4. Pick shelves instead of furniture and decorate them in a great way

This stylish trick saves you a lot of space. It also helps you organize better your stuff and its perfect for your living room (place it on top of the TV or next to the sofa), or bedroom (add in on top of your desk).

5. Mix & match your books with decorative objects

Books look better combined with albums and cute and small decorative objects. Try plants, stylish trays, bowls and other cool pretyy decorative objects.

6. Pick a cool magazine rack

If you still read magazines or own some cute ones, make them stand out! Add a cool rack on one of your living room, bedroom or kitchen wall and add cute magazines in them. The room you pick will look like a chic coffee place.

7. Add a mood board

On top of your desk you can make an inspirational moldboard with your favorite thing and the stuff that inspire you daily – pictures, quotes, art. You will work better and focus more on what you really like.

8. Make your nightstand pretty

The nightstand is an essential part of your bedroom so you would want to make it pretty and really stand up. But, keep in mind the essentials and add books you read, cool reading glasses, a chic mug and some plants.

9. Choose a cool lamp

Weather is a floor lamp or one that hangs from the ceiling, you have to have this kind of wow factor in your living room. Choose an oversized one with a cool design and this room will look splendid!

10. Make your accessories the star of your wardrobe

Besides a closet that with closed doors, add cute shelves where you make the most beautiful accessories really stand out. From shoes to bags and jewelry, mix the pretty accessories with flowers, books and other cute deco objects.

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