Hello everyone. I was recently at Formland in Herning, Denmark for the first time and so I wanted to tell you all about it because it was just great! I was invited as a special guest to give the opening speech along with two lectures, one on trends for 2018 and the other on the unexpected health benefits of good design. I had a great time and I will definitely return again someday, for sure. At Formland, you can expect to see the latest trends and tendencies within Scandinavian design today and in the near future. The fair has been around for 34 years with a total of over 67 fairs so far. I can see why people attend this fair, it was certainly special.

Formland 2018

There was so much about it that I really liked, but I’ll break it down in 10 bite-size points:


It was large enough to feel fun to explore, but small enough to not feel exhausted, overwhelmed or like you had to spend hours digging to get to the pearls – it was quite easy to find beautiful things, fast.


It had, by far, one of the best trend presentations that I’ve ever seen at a fair. This was a big shock, I wasn’t expecting it, but it’s the truth. It was so well organized, huge, beautiful and also educational and valuable. I could have spent half a day in the trend zones created by the talented duo STUDIE FLYHELSTED. I would return to this fair JUST for the trend zones by these two ladies – they were really THAT good.



I loved the curated hall by Danish interiors celebrity, Mads Arlien-Søborg. This was the hall I stayed in the most during day two. There wasn’t one booth in the entire hall that I disliked, everything was gorgeous and so well presented. I really like the idea of having a tastemaker curate an entire hall at a fair. Why aren’t more fairs doing this? I want to curate a hall at a fair – would be exciting!

Lamps from Oi Soi Oi

Lamps from Oi Soi Oi


I really liked the food hall. It was great to have a good hall to begin with, because you could walk around and sample things and meet people and the vibe was really open and friendly. I also liked knowing that when I ran out of energy, I could go to the food hall and find chocolate or something to munch on.


Speaking of food from point 4, the food at the actual fair was delicious. Each hall had it’s own cafe and some, a few different things like a cafe and a food truck, or a food truck and a non-alcoholic bar… In any case, it was so well done and everything was fresh and delicious. I had a very healthy avocado salad loaded with other delicious things and it gave me the perfect energy boost. Most of the time, fairs have terrible food or very unhealthy things – Formland thought of everything! They even had a MICHELIN STAR Asian food truck – HELLO. Have you ever seen THAT on offer at a fair?

9 Special Things That I Loved About Formland Fair in Denmark 2018


This was such a highlight for me personally. I loved how friendly the exhibitors were, and how they invited people who were using Instagram or bloggers to take as many photos as desired and they even told people to rearrange products and style things as they wish for photos, it was quite amazing really – there wasn’t a single booth with a “NO PHOTOGRAPHY” sign, everyone was open and invited and encouraged photography, conversation, styling, anything!


I really liked the new talents section, it was so lovely to meet the many exhibitors there who were eager to show us what they are producing. Their passion was very contagious and I liked strolling around there meeting everyone. I got the sense that all of the exhibitors were really trying to help each other too. Many times, a stand would suggest another exhibitor there I should check out, or would walk me over to their friend who was selling this or that product. There was a great community spirit at this fair but especially in the New Talents Section and in the Curated Hall by Mads Arlien-Søborg.

Boas Grafik

Boas Grafik


This was the coolest presentation I’ve seen yet at a fair – an entire hallway dedicated to tastemakers and influencers whom the fair invited to take part in showcasing favorites from the fair. They had everyone from the Editor-in-Chief of Bo Bodre, Charlotte Ravnholt, to others considered tastemakers in Denmark and also me, as an online influencer and trend expert. This was such a great use of an otherwise boring hallway between halls! Instead, it was filled with things we’d handpicked – was great!

9 Special Things That I Loved About Formland Fair in Denmark 20189 Special Things That I Loved About Formland Fair in Denmark 2018


This was another unexpected treat – a local florist, Bloom, on site! And after they make an arrangement for you, they kept it all day with your name on it so you could return at the end of the fair and have something inspiring to bring home with you. This was great.





What I didn’t expect was that a smaller, more focused fair like Formland gives you an incredible chance to MEET great people. I really connected with people – exhibitors, magazine editors, sales agents, trend experts, all of them. I also got to connect with those whom I know already and care about, like my new friend Stefan from TrendStefan in Stockholm. Here were are below clowning around a bit after we were both interviewed on camera by the fair.

Stefan Nillson and Holly BeckerStefan and Holly

Will I go back to this fair? ABSOLUTELY. I loved their new format, how they’ve taken the fair to new heights, and I felt the fair was inspiring and felt fresh.

Thank you Formland for having me as your opening speaker (a mini clip of me speaking here with an audience of 300) and for being so kind in welcoming me to give two trend lectures, too. I loved being there and will always remember it as a great time and one of the friendliest fairs I’ve ever been too.

(Photographs: iPhone 6plus)



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