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Are you addicted to crochet? Here are 10 tell-tale signs that your hobby might be a little bit of an obsession…


1. You name your hooks

8 signs you're a crochet addict: you name your hooks Bethany, George, or Alex. Read more at LoveCrochet!

We all have our favorites – with or without handles, pointed hooks, aluminum, wood, or bamboo. If you name your hooks, you might be a crochet addict.

2. You feel like this when you get new yarn

8 signs you might be a crochet addict: you feel like a rainbow is engulfing your face when you get new yarn. Read more at LoveCrochet!


If you get a little bit dizzy and overwhelmed with feelings as you unwrap your pink parcel, you might be addicted to crochet…

3. You get yarn and hooks for your birthday….and Christmas…and anniversaries…

8 signs you're a crochet addict: you get yarn and hooks for holidays. Read more at LoveCrochet!


Everyone who knows and loves you, knows that there’s no point in getting you anything other than yarn and hooks. ”Oh, a new cashmere sweater? I’d rather have gotten cashmere yarn.”

4. You packed yarn for your vacation, but not socks.

8 signs you're a crochet addict: you packed yarn and not socks. Oops! Read more at LoveCrochet


You didn’t pack 4 WIPs and no socks again, did you? Well, if you did, just spend your vacation in flip flops, until you finish crocheting a pair!

5. You have more yarn than clothes

8 signs you're a crochet addict: more yarn than clothes: Regina Geoge says Get in loser, we're going shopping!


In an alternate universe (that is, the best universe), Regina George is picking Cady up to go yarn shopping, because that’s the only kind of shopping that matters.”What do you mean, I need to buy new shoes? Are you aware that there is yarn in a store for us to squish and purchase?”

6. You always have a WIP, no matter where you are

8 signs you're a crochet addict: you always have a WIP, wherever you go. Read more at LoveCrochet!

Bus stop, doctor’s office, train, pub crawl, swing dancing lessons, it doesn’t matter – you always have a WIP in your bag. If you can’t seem to leave the house without yelling, ”Hold on a second – I have to grab my crochet!” then you might be an addict.

7. You’ve gotten in trouble for crocheting

8 signs you're a crochet addict: you got in trouble for crocheting: Filch says ''Oh dear, we are in trouble!''


Many crafters have reported that it’s much easier to focus on a lecture or a meeting when their hands are busy – but not all bosses and teachers are sympathetic. Several of the LoveCrochet HQ team members have gotten busted for crocheting during class when they were younger – have you?

8. You wake up thinking about crochet patterns

8 sings you're a crochet addict: anna says ''The sky's awake, so I'm awake!''


Your alarm clock goes off, and you jump out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning – you just can’t wait to pick up where you left off last night…at 2 am.

9. Every gift you give is hand crocheted.

Of course your friends and family love your crochet gifts, but do they really need another scarf? Maybe this year you can get them something a little different… Who are you kidding? Of course they’re getting another scarf!


10. You need to teach everyone you know to crochet.

learning to crochet

You love to crochet, so why shouldn’t everyone around you learn as well? Lucky for them you have plenty of time (and patience) to help them learn! A new crochet addict is born!


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