A bedroom space is designed to be a signal of relaxation and comfort, your own personal retreat, a space where you can unwind and allow yourself to get cozy and rest. For this reason most of us find shabby chic bedrooms attractive as the familiarity of the style fits well into any home and induces the homey, unconventional feeling we associate with the actual bedroom.There are no rules to be followed when choosing to create a shabby chic bedroom, the grace of this particular space is born in time as we use old, forgotten materials and heirloom items we have saved up in our garages and give them new purpose, a new life. Recycling is the key ingredient, a process where old wood, barn doors, window frames, pipes and such form an unitary space defined by contrasts and harmony at the same time.We have selected a few shabby chic bedroom ideas often encountered, cast a glance.

1. creating a SHEER lace wall around your bed

We require protection, we seek comfort and shelter at an unconscious level, especially in the bedroom. A lace wall will diffuse light and offer that feeling of intimacy we associate with the bed area.


2. reuse an old impressive chandelier

Light is crucial in every space, it forms and models the spatiality, transforming the atmosphere with a switch. An impressive chandelier can become a statement in the bedroom, specially if it positioned in the bed area.


3. recycle an old barn door

Sliding doors represent the ideal solution for small spaces and for a shabby chic bedroom there is nothing more fitting than a barn door recycled to fit your space and decor.



Wood is the obvious material used in most shabby chic decors due to its versatility and warmth.We encourage you to recycle your old window shutters and to give them a new purpose in your bedroom in the form of a headboard for your bed. Treat the entire wall as a hole.


5. create the right color scheme

Pastel tones are usually used to induce a calm serene atmosphere but you can create your own colorful world.


6. transform vintage suitcases into your nightstands

Think outside the box and use old vintage suitcases to form your nightstands. Different is better.


7. create a memorable reading nook

Reading is associated with relaxation and a cozy reading nook can become an essential space in your bedroom, consider creating one in a vintage elegant style.


8. Filter natural light with curtains

Intimacy, privacy, light control is a concern in the bedroom reason for which curtains should in all cases be considered in a bedroom.

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9. express your personal style freely

The shabby chic bedroom decor is all about your taste and what makes you you. Feel free to express your inner style, this design enables you to do so.

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10. include candle light

Another essential aspect of a shabby chic bedroom is the atmosphere. You can opt for incentives, scented candles to create a relaxing calm atmosphere.


How does your bedroom style look like? What do you think about the shabby chic design? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below.

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