Have you ever encountered a position when a friend phones to say she’s already bought a cake and would be over for tea in half an hour? Or suddenly your parents announce they are arriving for the weekend, and you work late and do not intend to spend half the night cleaning? It is better not to bring the apartment to a state where it is embarrassing to let guests into the house. To do this, you will have to clean regularly. But! We have prepared tips for you on reducing the amount of time you spend on cleaning and what to do if you need to “comb” your apartment in just 30 minutes. Life hacks of quick cleaning in the apartment will be helpful for experienced homemakers.

First, advice for the busiest or for those whose situation is neglected, and cleaning will take a lot of time and effort, which you do not have at all. On kabanchik or another similar site for discovering performers, you can book apartment cleaning. If you are not ready to entrust this business to strangers, focus on your strength, taking into account helpful life hacks.

We Put Things In Order In 30 Minutes

Now a few tips for those in a hurry but still decided to do the cleaning themselves. The primary rule here is to hide what you can hide (things, books, toys) and clean the surfaces until guests arrive.

  1. Think about where the guests will be. If it is a hallway, kitchen, and bathroom, the range of tasks is significantly reduced. If time remains, you can put a superficial order in the bedroom, nursery, and other rooms.
  2. Wipe down the hallway mirror, shake out the rug, and leave some space on the hangers.
  3. Take the dirty dishes from all rooms to the kitchen. Ideally, you need to wash it along with the one that was already in the sink. If the time is very close, hide the dirty utensils away in the closet.
  4. Collect scattered clothes from armchairs, sofas, beds, chairs. Put the clean ones in the closet, the dirty ones in the washing machine. If time permits, you can even start a quick wash. If you hurry, dirty clothes can be thrown into the closet and hidden behind a closed door.
  5. Sweep debris from surfaces to floor, dust off, collect all crumbs. Particular attention is paid to kitchen surfaces. Collect large waste in a trash bag.
  6. Clean ashtrays, if any, in your home.
  7. Pet trays also need litter changes quickly.
  8. Unwashed mirrors and windows create a feeling of uncleanness even in a clean apartment; therefore, it is also advisable to wipe them.
  9. Vacuum to pick up wool, hair, crumbs, and other visible debris – no time for meticulous cleaning. The robot vacuum cleaner will significantly simplify the task.
  10. Clean the bathroom fixtures and mirror.
  11. If you have time, do a wet mop.
  12. It will not hurt to ventilate the apartment.
  13. Change dirty towels, kitchen rags. Adjust your sofa blanket, floor rugs, curtains.

Experienced express cleaning specialists advise against using cleaning agents with a pungent smell to not give yourself away, so pay attention to the scent when buying.

Express cleaning will help if you are not lazy to tidy up the apartment regularly.

The sudden guests left, and the owners were stressed from the quick cleaning and a pile of dirty things hidden in different corners of the apartment. An intelligent person will promise no one can take him by surprise, and there will always be order in the apartment. But the words “cleaning” “spring cleaning” cause a feeling of sadness, because you also want to relax and spend time with your family. If you use some secrets, keeping the apartment clean will not be so complex and lengthy. We share these life hacks.

How To Do A Quick Cleaning Of The Apartment?

You’ve probably heard that if you spend 15 minutes every day cleaning while doing other things at the same timeit will be much easier to maintain cleanliness, and general cleaning will cease to be so available, and it will take much less time. This rule is worth listening to.

Putting order in detergents

It takes time to get and bring the right bottle, sponge, and rag, and if we run after them all the time, and even to different ends of the apartment, we lose at least 5-10 minutes for cleaning. We also get tired additionally. We solve this issue once and for all!

Organize the space of the nightstand/drawer where household chemicals are stored. Containers of different sizes, hooks for rags and gloves, various glasses for brushes, etc., will come to the rescue. Maybe half of the funds are not needed at all? Throw it away boldly – don’t get littered.

If the apartment is rather big, then you can make several places for storing detergents. What is used in the kitchen, even if it is under the sink in the kitchen. Those products are regularly used in the bathroom, even if they remain in the bathroom. Washing powder – near the washing machine. You can even put a cloth near the mirror and pour the glass cleaner into a beautiful bottle.

We take everything with us.

receptacle where you put all the necessary detergents will help to reduce the running around the apartment during general cleaning. This, by the way, is done by employees of cleaning services. Then you put this container in place, and all the bottles will wait for the following approach.

We put everything in place.

The main enemy of order is not straining at all but scattered things. Cleaning usually begins with the fact that the hostess carries all the trash to its place. A basin where you can collect all the things lying around in the living room and “deliver” them to their places will help speed up the process and simplify your life. You don’t have to run into the nursery several times to take away the toys and run into the kitchen and bedroom a dozen times.

By the way, if things are in their places, but there are too many of these things, then even in the absence of dust, the view of the apartment may be slightly sloppy and cluttered. Think, maybe spoons, ladles, bottles from the kitchen surface are better out of sight? And to thin out the numerous rows of vases, figurines, and other souvenirs, leave only what decorates the room?

Another example is a dressing table with a bunch of tubes and bottles. As long as you lift everything to wipe the dust there, you can go crazy. Therefore, all cosmetics and creams can be decomposed into beautiful containers. So the general appearance will become much neater.

We put things in order in the hallway.

To spend less time on constant cleaning of the hallway, you should be smart about organizing its space:

  • Place a small brush with a scoop in a secluded place. When someone is stomping, don’t wait for the dirt to be scattered throughout the house – sweep it quickly;
  • in rainy weather, the doormat can be wrapped in a damp cloth so that ground is more effectively cleaned from the soles;
  • Put a small vase or basket for small things. There you will put letters, bills, keys, business cards, and other trifles that you bring from the street and risk losing them, putting them somewhere purely automatically. Once a week, the vase should be disassembled;
  • If there are children at home, you can have a small basket or box for gloves, scarves, and hats. This will prevent numerous items of clothing from lying around, creating a feeling of clutter.

How to quickly keep the bathroom clean?

Make it a habit to keep your bathroom tidy between extensive cleanings. What can be done?

  • Among all the toiletries, put a rag and some dish detergent. It is possible to pour it into a bit of bottle. Once a day, after washing your hands, take 30 seconds to wipe down the faucet and quickly wipe down the sink. This is very fast, and soon it will become a habit;
  • With the same cloth or sponge, you can quickly wipe the acrylic bath once every few days. Use dish soap or cheap liquid soap. What’s the point? You will maintain cleanliness between general cleanings, and at the same time, you will not have to waste time putting on gloves and then to wash off the killer chemicals;
  • Faucets and sides in the bathroom can be wiped with a dry cloth once a day. This will take you no more than a minute;
  • the toilet can sometimes be wiped with toilet paper;
  • If there is enough space in the bathroom, put a laundry box with separation by color so that later you do not waste time sorting.

How to quickly clean the kitchen?

To quickly clean the kitchen, you also have to prepare a little and organize the space correctly. The following tips will help:

  • Cover the top row of cabinets with cling film or newspapers. Dust, along with grease, sticks to the furniture so that it takes time to get everything in order. The next time you wash, do not forget to cover everything with plastic. Then you have to replace the film;
  • Shelves in the refrigerator in cabinets can be covered with non-woven cloths. The aesthetics will not suffer, and as it gets dirty, you will only have to replace the rags and not wholly tear out the entire refrigerator;
  • There should be a lot of kitchen rugsChange every day so as not to multiply bacteria and not spoil the kitchen with the look of a greasy stained rag;
  • a kitchen apron can be sealed with cling film during active cooking so that later you do not waste time wiping off drops of fat from it;
  • Consider purchasing a dishwasher. It saves time and water;
  • If the dishwasher doesn’t fit in the kitchen, then stick to the banal rule – wash the dishes immediately after eating. You will spend a few minutes cleaning a couple of plates and glasses, and if you leave it for later, the containers will accumulate, the dirt will dry out, and you will spend at least 20 minutes on all this. If you have a long meal, you change appliances, then before eating, pour water into the sink and drip detergent. Put dirty dishes directly into the water – then it will be straightforward to wash the fat;
  • Thoughtful housewives advise keeping a roll of garbage bags at the bottom of the bin. When you take out the filled bag, you don’t have to look for hidden spare ones. Some people generally pull 5-7 bags on a bucket at once to then throw out the garbage and immediately use the bucket again. But this life hack will be not helpful for everyone;
  • Occasionally revise in the refrigerator so that long-expired food does not take up space and stain the shelves.

Also, the hostesses have gained experience in quickly cleaning dishes and kitchen utensils:

  • blender can be easily cleaned by running it with dish detergent and water;
  • to clean the coffee grinder, you can scroll soda in it;
  • The scale can be removed from the dishwasher by running it with a glass of vinegar at maximum temperature, and when starting the next cycle, put a couple of tablespoons of baking soda on the bottom.

We organize the space of the children’s room.

Toys, plasticine, felt-tip pens, clothes – all this fills the cleanest and just cleaned children’s room in a matter of minutes. In order not to spend the rest of your life endlessly cleaning up toys, you should lead this mess:

  • Stock up on containers and boxes. You will need a lot of boxes. They will gradually fill with toys;
  • All accessories for creativity must also be laid out in the drawers. When the child wants to draw, take out the sketchbook, pencils, and a sharpener that has decided to sculpt – quickly throw everything into the drawing container and take out the sculpting container.

Tidiness in the bedroom

And here you will have to correctly organize the space so that later on, numerous things do not lie around idle and can be easily found if necessary:

  • in order not to waste a lot of time looking for different parts of the same bedding set, when folding after washing, put the entire collection in a pillowcase from it;
  • Allow yourself not to iron your bedding. Scientists have proven that ironing reduces its hygroscopicity. After washing, hang it evenly, and under its weight, duvet covers and sheets are well leveled;
  • If there are many flowers on the windowsill, try putting several buds on one standard tray. The water will still drain well, and you won’t have to move multiple flowerpots when cleaning.

Some more tips

And finally, a few more life hacks that will make it easier and faster to keep your home clean:

  • Cleaning must be done according to the rule – from top to bottom. No matter how carefully you pick up the crumbs from the table, they will still fall on the newly vacuumed floor;
  • You can start cleaning by starting the wash, do not forget about towels and bed linen. While you are cleaning, the wash will end;
  • Before starting the cleaning, you can fill the sink with water, drip detergent into it, and let the dishes soak. Then return to washing it and understand how much faster the fatwas washed off;
  • if the plumbing or stove is heavily soiled, then it is better to apply the cleaning agent in advance;
  • it is better to use unique microfiber rags for cleaning – they, unlike rags, do not fade, do not roll, do not leave lint;
  • if you are going to buy furniture, pay attention to items with a matte flat surface since any fingerprints are visible on glossy and embossed ones, they are more challenging to clean;
  • Do not regret giving / selling/throwing away idle things, gathering dust on the shelves. Not only do they clutter up the space, but also (in the case of the wardrobe) they give a false feeling that there are a lot of things, but there is nothing to wear;
  • choose a good mop that can quickly and effectively mop the floor;
  • Use suitable cleaning products that can remove tough dirt in minutes.
  • Do not forget to change the filter in the vacuum cleaner from time to time and keep the dust container clean. If they are dirty, cleaning will be less effective, and some dust will immediately return to the air.

And the last tip – work to rhythmic music. Also, the mood will rise! It is ideal to use headphones.

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