Snow melted and little seedlings start to forge their way towards new, sunny days. Trees blossom, green leaves surface on each twig adding great depth to every perspective. The world transforms, everything changes color, everything is refreshed to a new state and in the process so ought to happen with our lovely homes. The much loved heavy spice of winter must simply disappear, its magic thrives on Christmas yet in spring, the flowery scent can truly blossom our homes from top to bottom and greenery will aid you in that endeavor along with powerful sun rays piercing through your windows. To build up on the need of change and the great extraordinary effects of a swift refresh we have prepared you a list of 10 refreshing ways to make your home smell like spring, cast a glance .


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1. enjoy Clean Air


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Clean air in our home is a very important asset that speaks about the quality of our home, the right ambiance, it completes our setting. There are numerous houseplants that can help you build up towards the right atmosphere, palms, lilies, ferns and many other plants can curate impurities whilst emphasizing our air with clean oxygen. The breathable atmosphere ought to be pursued and one oxygen plant in every room can make an immense difference.

2. open a window


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The air outside is always better, more refreshing, more alive than the still air captured by our house. Pine and cinnamon are scents that intensify our air too as they do Christmas justice yet it is time for change, earth and greenery ought to join the setting. A glass of lemonade can help and once again, greenery ought to be present.

3. prepare a diy citrus spray


Spring cleaning leads to madness from to time, it is not easy, dust and dirt builds up throughout winter to a certain extent. A change is needed, a much needed refresh. Fresh lemons are a solution and a homemade citrus spray is even better.

4. nestle a fresh flower centerpiece


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In spring flowers are key, they break the ice. The fresh scents turn our head around on the street, the tree`s blossom simply amaze, a beautiful season spring is. One could nestle this beautifully scented state in his home with a flower bouquet. Embrace the airy atmosphere with natural light and fresh air.

5. cook up a simmer pot


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The simmer pot is good all year round, you simply need to change the contents. Fall and winter months had their contents but in spring things change to vegetables and fruits, citrus, cucumber and whatever you find refreshing, interesting, all in a jar of boiling water.

6. the classic oil diffuser


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Oil diffusers are essential for one reason : they work, they function extraordinary well. The essential oils of choice can transform the wintry cinnamon to lemon, lavender and peppermints, springy scents chosen to redefine your room, your ambiance in no time with no effort.

7. use floral candles


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The right scent in a candle can produce the extraordinary ambiance that you`ve sought for so long, each season has an allure of its own and your local candle store sure has something special ready to match the season. Soy wax and your favorite essential oils ought to be at your side as well, ready to take form of a candle in no time. Choose woody, fruity or floral essences and light them up !

Bath and Body Works are notorious for having a new set of lovely smelling candles for each season, but there are also so many local places that make wonderful candles too. So take your pick between floral, fruity or woody and light ’em up! (via Musings of a Muse)

8. rest in nature


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Lavender is the calming scent that one would really need in spring and it can be at you disposal in a matter of minutes in the form of a linen spray. Use it on what textile you need but keep in mind that in your bedroom and guest room it will encourage a peaceful, graceful stay for the entire family.

9. use potpourri


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Dried flowers can remain in your shelter for months, years to come, empowering your home with scent and visual aesthetic values. From time to time simply place two-three drop of essential oils on your dried fruit-flower collection to refresh the ambiance.

10. color and scent in Flower sachets


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In sachets dried flowers can reside as well. This form solves the language and positioning issue providing great flexibility and versatility in one`s home. The sachet can take the form of a cartoon character in the playground or the refreshing apparel of a lemon for your bathroom, essential oils can work to your advantage, use them freely.

How is spring welcomed in your home? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below !

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