The word recycled never conjures up images of anything beautiful but without realising so many of the tutorials I have written over the years make the best of unwanted materials, scraps of fabric and forgotten about ribbon. For all my Christmas making this year I’m challenging myself to use up my craft supplies and not buy anything new. As a maker I’ve always felt the need to have new materials for projects – I don’t feel bad about it, it is often the materials that inspired me but as I’m not able to make as much as I used too plus seeing how damaging waste is for the planet – I want to consciously reduce the amount I’m consuming in this area. I’ve been sharing the process on Instagram Stories but today I want to give you a list of my favourite projects that all have a recyclable and reusable element. I know that this is just a tiny step but I figure a small step is better than no step.  I’ve loved looking through my stash – all the sequins and beads I’ve been saving for best are finally getting their time to shine. I can’t wait to make this Christmas beautiful and I really hope you join me. Happy making. xx 
Top Project – Mollie Makes Christmas Wreath (best for using up wool, ribbon, baubles, the kitchen sink!!) 

White and Metallic Gift Wrapping (use up fabric, tissue and small bits of ribbon) 

Fabric Gift Bags  (a great alternative to paper ones and they use up small pieces of fabric)