There are two kinds of people in this world. People that love vaulted ceilings and people that don’t. The people that love them look for a house with those high spaces. They can come up with a hundred ways that vaulted ceilings are a good thing. But those of us that don’t prefer those spaces have a harder time loving them. Some of us think they seem too cold and distant. How are you supposed to get rid of the echo? Sometimes we low ceiling lovers get stuck with a house that displays vaulted ceilings. If you’re one of those people, you’re in the right place. Here are 10 reasons to love your vaulted ceiling.

Don’t let all the space above your head intimidate you. Own that extra space by painting it all white and making your room seem even more open and airy than it probably already is. It’s the perfect opportunity for that statement chandelier you’ve been wanting. (via Enchanted Home)

Installing large beams in your vaulted ceiling are good for two reasons. One, it really adds to the rustic feel of your country home. Two, the deep color helps push the eyes downward, making your ceiling seem not quite so high.

If you’re worried more about the plain look of your ceiling rather than the height, there is a simple way to fix that. Use shiplap to give the space a little pattern that won’t be too busy but add some definition.

Some vaulted ceilings can make your space feel very dark and dreary. Consider installing a skylight or two to bring some natural light in up high and lighten the space. (via Noosh Loves)

Do you love the beams look but want to keep the space? Add your beams with rounded bottoms like the great cathedral ceilings. It will give you the rustic wood look and some serious architectural interest. (via Real Fit Housewife)

Of course if you don’t like all that space, you are perfectly free to close it up. By adding a ceiling part of the way down, you can still keep enough height to make your room feel airy but not cave like. (via Architectural Digest)

When you’re aiming for a cozy feeling in your home, you definitely need a way to warm up your vaulted ceiling. Cover it with rustic wood to bring that cottage home look to your space.

When you’re tempted to think outside the box in regards to your vaulted ceiling, don’t hold back. A set up like the one above practically gives you an art piece in your space! The chandelier above the grid hints to the height of the ceiling while the eye doesn’t immediately go up.

For those that have some serious renovating cash on hand, you’ll want to throw this option in the mix. Those windows at the top of your ceiling would let in maximum light and even make stargazing indoors possible. Just imagine the late night picnics that could happen on your living room floor. (via Minnie Peters)

If you’re stuck with a vaulted ceiling and don’t have the money for a major renovation, just figure out how to use the space to your advantage. Install a loft to create a reading nook for your kids. Create a gallery wall that goes as high as your ladder can reach. Build bookshelves to take up an entire wall. Whatever will make you love the vaulted ceiling you have.

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