Wood floor is possibly the most popular flooring choice in homes these days. The ability to easily clean and maintain is just too tempting to resist. Except that installing wood flooring in your home can end up costing you a pretty penny by the end. And we all know that you shouldn’t default to linoleum if you don’t have to. So what is the happy middle flooring option after we consider all the factors? You’ll find the answer in bamboo flooring. It looks like wood flooring without the cost which is a win for you and your home. Take a look at these 10 reasons to love bamboo flooring and get ready to replace your current flooring with this natural beautiful option.

Modern homes benefit well from a very light flooring to keep things feeling airy against your inky furniture and accents. Go for the lightest bamboo you can find and you are sure to be pleased with the result in your modern space.

Light flooring can also be a great option for kitchens, no matter your style. Many kitchens don’t have much natural lighting so installing a light shade of bamboo flooring will help make your space feel brighter than it actually is which is never a bad thing.

Conversely, when you have lots of light furniture and light walls and natural light, you can get away with a darker floor. Don’t let it intimidate you. It will make your space seem grounded and interesting, rather than going with all light colors.

Do you lean towards the redder shades of wood in your home? Bamboo flooring can give you that too. Light or dark or somewhere in between, a red wood lookalike will satisfy all your hardwood dreams and save you money doing it.

Kitchen contermporary design with chery bamboo floor

Sometimes the best looking non-wood flooring is the kinds that has more variation, rather than less. This cherry-like bamboo flooring has the light and dark grains that a real wood floor would have so no one but you will ever know the difference.

Contemporary kitchen with variation of bamboo floor

Of course it doesn’t have to be red to have the same effect on your space. A high contrast variation flooring will give your room that rustic feel which is exactly what you want in your farmhouse. Just opt for the cheaper bamboo version for similar results on a budget.

In today’s design trends, we do see a lot of gray wood flooring paired with many different styles. Whether you have a modern living room to cover or a rustic kitchen or even a contemporary bedroom, the gray bamboo flooring will satisfy all your hardwood floor needs.

Let’s talk about dusty brown. It’s not really brown and it’s not really gray, but it’s a lovely in between. Bamboo flooring offers that shade too which makes a great option for the contemporary home looking for a bit of warmth.

Many older homes already have wood flooring on the lower levels but there is a worry about what to choose when you take advantage of the attic space. Look for a bamboo floor that is extremely close to your existing wood floor for the streamlined feel.

Bamboo flooring isn’t only for our flat surfaces. You can install it up the stairs too! So there is no worry about your multi level home feeling pulled together. Your bamboo floor can do that for you.

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