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We always suggest that you break the rules when it comes to your makeup, mostly because breaking the rules really is fun! Plus, who wants to be boxed-in by rules? However, when it comes to brown eyes, one rule that you should most definitely pay attention to is the purple rule: purple eyeshadow for brown eyes is a makeup combination that you’re going to want to pay attention to.

Just in case you needed proof that this most definitely was the case, we’ve done some research. We think these are some of the most fabulous purple eyeshadow looks for brown eyes, but we can’t wait to hear your opinions. You’ll find a link to each artist underneath the image too — don’t forget to show them lots of love!

Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes

1 – Purple & Warm Metallic Tones

Warm metallic tones around the eyes will really help to bring brown eyes to life and make them glisten and shimmer under the light too. If you have undertones of gold, or lighter flecks in your brown eye colours, the warm gold and metallic tones will help to pick them up, literally enhancing your natural eye colour. Add those warmer metallic shades in the palette to the purple you plan on using and you might just end up with a look as stunning as this one!

Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes 2

Source: anban20

2 – Coppery-Brown & Purple Tones

Coppery tones are perfect for brown eyes, alongside those bright purple shades, so why not look at combining the two? This brilliant makeup look, for example, combines that pop of purple across the bottom lashes, with the top lashes kept that brown-nude tone that has become your go-to summer shade. It’s just a quick colour change from the regular, but it just does pack a punch in terms of effect, it must be said.

Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes 3


3 – Purple-Pink Peepers

A cut crease with a difference, this purple-pink look for brown eyes is giving us all sorts of feel-good vibes. Purple has long since been connected to celebrities, royalty, and wealth, and this pretty look is definitely worthy of all three. Leave the black liner alone for the night, substituting it for a sparkly silver number instead. A silver slick is just the perfect addition to this purple makeup look too, working with the fab highlighter to bring it all to life.

Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes 9

Source: instabeautybyjess

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4 – Artistic Dusky Purple Cut Crease

For when you’re feeling particularly artistic, and you have a few more moments to dedicate to your makeup today, what about opting for a purple look like this dusky one? Bring more mauve than bright purple tones into the mix, we’re playing around with the cut crease idea once again. A steady hand, a thin, angled brush, and your best concealer is the trick to getting this look spot on. Oh, and practice. Lots and lots of practice. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes 12

Source: robertavixen

5 – Pretty Purple Eye Tutorial

Brown eyes are actually the most prolific eye colour — more people have brown eyes than any other eye colour. Brown eyed people are actually lucky people, because they can wear pretty much any colour combination they wanted. Almost every shade in every palette will work well with brown eyes, especially when they have been used together in both simple and complex ways. This pretty purple eye tutorial shows you how to build up both pink and purple shades to create a look that is both simple and dramatic, all at the same time.

Purple Eyeshadow Looks 15

Source: serenity_vanity

6 – Full Moon & Purple

This look reminded us of the moon, almost space-inspired, and we instantly looked up when the next full moon/event was happening to give us an excuse Tory something as pretty as this. We’re sure that this eyeshadow design will be interpreted into many different things, by many different people. That’s the beauty of makeup — it’s very much like art and can mean or be interpreted in so many ways. How will you be expressing yourself via the power of makeup today?

Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes 10

Source: makeupby_calista


7 – Purple & Blue Blended Eye Look

Purple and blue are two shades that you might not think to combine in your eyeshadow looks, but as this beauty makeup artist shows, it’s a colour combo that just so happens to work really well. It’s dramatic, yet playful, and that’s the perfect mix for when a date or other colourful occasion. In fact, we don’t really need an excuse to rock eyes as beautiful as this. Any excuse will do!

Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes 18

Source: baileysarian

8 – Gold n’ Purple Smokey Eye Look

Gold and purple make a great combination, elegantly shown by this pretty and eye-catching design. Gold might not be the first shade you’d think of mixing with purple, but the two contrasts definitely have the potential to sprinkle a little magic over any occasion. Sometimes it’s the colours that you DON’T think will work that actually pack the biggest punch. This one might be a little outside of the box, but we sure do love it.

Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes 11

Source: zoemexiamakeup

9 – Lighter Lilac Hues

The most complimentary tone for brown eyes is purple, and this toned-down look is perfect for when you don’t want something overly bright. Add a lighter hue to the centre of your upper eyelid, and also on the inner corner of the eye. This helps to bring everything together (with clever blending and a fluffy blending brush), and also helps to keep you looking more awake too. What a great combination of benefits, right?

Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes 4

Source: oribelface




10 – Smokey Sparkly Purple Look

If you are looking for purple eyeshadow looks for brown eyes that mean serious business, what about this sultry look? Mixing black, pink, purple, and even light glittery tones, it’s a look that was made or a celebration. In fact, we’re probably going to need to add this makeup look to our Pinterest board of birthday makeup. What do you think? Great idea, right?

Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes 13

Source: laurabrady_mua

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