Weddings are just big and elaborate parties and some are not even that big in fact. They all do, however, require a good amount of planning and attention to details and that means there are some great ideas you can steam from weddings if you’re throwing a party. For example, you can borrow the idea of giving out small favors to your guests or of having place cards and stylish centerpieces. We took the time to select out top ten favorites and we hope you’ll like them.

Where there’s a party there are also beverages and one idea which you can borrow from weddings is setting up a sort of bar which can be a large box filled with ice cubes and various types of drinks. Each person can come here and take what they want. You can use the idea featured on michaelaraej of building a simple wooden tray and raising it on concrete blocks.

If you’re planning a rustic party, then the bar idea from rusticweddingchic would be simply perfect. Basically you have to get some hay bales and to arrange them in layers so you can rest these big metal buckets filled with ice and bottled drinks on them. We like the raw and natural look of this whole setup.

Speaking of hay bales and rustic setups, if you’re throwing a great outdoor party what not set up a picture area with big bouquets of flowers and a lovely background? You can steal the idea from weddingchicks where there’s this great suggestion for a farm-themed celebration. If you can you could also bring one of these rustic carriages to the location.

A great party needs a great cake and you can steal this idea from weddings as well. How about a super simple cake with several layers and all these fresh fruuit everywhere. You could set the cake on a large slice of wood. It would look amazing!

If it’s a dinner party that you have a mind, the table setting has to look just right. Don’t overdecorate the table but pay attention to details nonetheless. You could have a simple burlap runner and matching napkin rings and the centerpieces could be these lovely glass bottle vases filled with cute seasonal flowers.

Another lovely idea can be to use planters as centerpieces and to make these tags for each one showing a list of everyone seated at the table. The idea works better for weddings because there are several different tables involved there but you can definitely adapt it for a smaller party too.

A vintage drinks cart could feature these huge glass jars filled with fruit water and other types of drinks. You can serve them in regular-sized mason jars with colored straws. It’s simple, cute and very practical too. This idea comes from rockmywedding.

You could also surprise your party guests with a sweet candy bar. You could use wood slices and trays and you can fill them with all sorts of goodies like donuts, muffins, cupcakes, pies and all sorts of other delightful desserts. It’s yet one more cool idea that you can steal from weddings like the one described on catchmyparty.

Ignore all the chairs in the background because parties don’t usually require people to sit down (unless it’s a movie night party). Check out instead the cute manner in which these wooden crates are stacked on ruffledblog. They hold these lovely flower arrangements and you can definitely borrow this idea if you have some party decorations of your own that you want to display.

The last is probably the most common of all: recycling glass bottles into vases. It’s something you can do on any occasion and the trend has been very popular with weddings lately. You can basically turn any bottle into a wedding centerpiece so just check your pantry. We like these brown bottles but clear one would look lovely too.

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