I have been blogging for 3 years and I am happy to say it gets easier (and a little harder) as you go.  There is so much time and hard work involved in a successful blog.  So often it can become overwhelming with so many different things pulling at you all at once.  However, if you are looking to create an amazing, thriving blog, it’s totally possible. What sets successful bloggers apart is the way they work.  With carefully planned habits to maximize their productivity, stay organized, and market themselves online you can go from disorganized to a well run machine.  Here are 10 of the Worst Blogging Habits… and what to do instead.

10 of the WORST Blogging Habits and what to do instead to be more successful. Delineate Your Dwelling
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1. Successful Bloggers Never… Write a blog post the night before.

Sure we’ve all been there, crisis happens, life happens and suddenly you are up late at night editing pictures and writing a blog post for the next morning.  However, if this is your normal schedule, you will always be in a constant state of panic and stress.  It’s important to have a calendar or some kind of schedule in place that takes into consideration seasonal themes, prior deadlines, personal obligations (vacation, children’s schedules, etc).   This will force you to blog with intention and won’t leave you trying to brain storm an idea at the very last minute.

I use the WordPress plugin “Editorial Calendar” for brain dumping all my ideas.  It is huge in helping me see an entire month at a time.  I love that you can then drag/drop and move blog post ideas into the calendar as  your schedule allows.  I also have a dedicated Blog Deadline paper calendar.  This year I used Bando’s Agenda and love it’s bright colors and reminders of #NationalPretzelDay.  This is where I write out (in pencil) brand deadlines, when I need to start working on a project to meet those deadline and then the day that particular posts goes live so that I can be sure to promote them appropriately (blog hops, blog collaborations or sponsored posts always need a little more social media love than typical posts).


2. Successful Bloggers Never… Go at blogging solo, like an island.

I would say one of my favorite things about blogging is the community that I’ve found!  If you live in a bigger city, having fellow bloggers all around you might not be a unique thing.  For many of us, we are getting up each day, doing our thing and hardly leaving the house.  It can get lonely holed up in your home, creating day and night.  When I started connecting with other creatives in my similar niche in various Facebook groups, blogging took a completely unexpected turn for me.  Suddenly, those ladies became instant friends and we could chat about all the #bloggerproblems that non-bloggers just didn’t get like SEO, the changes to Pinterest, how to get the best lighting, etc.

I’ve only attended one blogging conference, Alt Summit and it was the most amazing experience.  I was surrounded by creative entrepreneurial ladies and I hardly could quit smiling the entire time.  I have learned, I am hugely inspired by other creatives and it’s a true honor for me to “digitally” get to work along side some of them.


4. Successful Bloggers Never… Piddle around with no ambition
A successful blogger has vision, desire and passion to go places.  Your goals are specific to you, so they might range from posting 3 times a week to quitting your full time job so you can blog exclusively.  The important factor is that they are realistic, attainable and specific.  Don’t set a goal of “growing  your Pinterest account” instead aim for “growing your Pinterest account by 100 followers each week, so you can reach 5,000 followers by the end of the year.”  I created three goals for 2016 and I am proud to say, I am accomplishing all three of them!

If you start your blog with the desire that someday it might be more, then you should treat it like a business from day one.  This is one of the most important habits of successful bloggers. They know what they want out of their blogs and they work hard to achieve those goals.


5. Successful Bloggers Never… Are on social media literally 24-7
Can we all repeat this – Social Media schedulers are a god sent.  Bloggers are busy people and unless you simply have oodles of free time, no one wants to be on social media the entire day.  However, it’s important to have your blog posts being shared on social media the entire day.  I typically schedule out as much social media as I can on Sunday nights.  Then when my post goes live in the morning, it’s easy to add it to just a few spots and it’s set for the week or two.

I use Hootsuite for scheduling my Twitter and G+ accounts.  I use Facebook’s scheduler to schedule Facebook.  And I use Analogy and BoardBooster for Pinterest.

6.  Successful Bloggers Never… Think they are too good for their readers.
Wait, what?  This is so so far from where a blogger’s mind should be.  Without our readers, we have no blog.  We are simply creating and writing and sending it out to no one…

If one of your readers or followers takes the time to leave a comment on your blog, you MUST take the time and effort to reply.  Comments on blogs are becoming such a rarity these days, I feel like the readers who actually comment there, are my special readers.  However, the same applies for those who are interacting with you on Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter.  Connecting with your audience is essential and so rewarding!

This is also helpful because you should always be trying to learn better who your target audience is. When you know the type of people you’re trying to reach, you’ll be able to create content, products, and services that are a perfect match for them.
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7. Successful Bloggers Never… Fret over posting FIVE days a week!
Don’t feel the pressure of blogging every single day.  Over the summer I created two blog posts a week and then on Friday’s I shared either an informative type blog post or a roundup of my favorite things shared on the internet.  Now that school is back in session, I’ve been thinking about increasing my blogging schedule, but honestly I don’t think I can do much more and be sane… and sanity is very key in being successful.  So, I’m sticking with my “summer” schedule for the fall.

Whether you are posting once a week, twice or more creating a schedule not only gives you a routine for writing your blog posts, but is also lets your audience know when to expect new posts from you. Successful bloggers know the importance of delivering great content to their audience on a regular basis.

8. Successful Bloggers Never… Take their makeup off at night.
Okay that’s just gross (and maybe a habit I fall into too often).  It seems everyone’s favorite word these days is “hustle” and while I get the message they are sending, I’m trying to do less hustling and more of a even keeled rhythm.  It’s so so important to strive for a work/life balance.  I am the worst at shutting down the computer at the end of the day to take of myself because as a mother of two young children, the evening is my biggest chunk of time to work.

But even after three years of mostly “hustling”, I’ve been recently reading Present over Perfect and connecting with SO many points made.  I don’t want to give my best to blog and my leftovers go to my family, friends and me.  I want a better balance and I’m striving to make that goal happen.


9. Successful Bloggers Never… Have an email list but never get around to using it.
It seems like everywhere you go, people are talking about their email list and I’ll tell you why… because it’s so true!  Facebook used to a gold mine for engagement and reach and then then they changed their algorithms.  Pinterest used to a gold mine for engagement and reach and then then they changed their algorithms.  Instagram used to a gold mine for engagement and reach and then then they changed their algorithms.  Actual blogs and email lists are almost the only thing that can not change.

Your email list should be your #1 way of promoting your posts, marketing, and selling your online products and services. Building your email list is the first step to creating an inner circle of readers. I use Mad Mimi and have been so pleased with the ease of creating newsletters, setting up automations and their amazing customer service.

Once you have your list in place, make sure to send out emails to your subscribers regularly and on a set schedule. I send mine out once a week, on Tuesdays and once they are sent, I can go into Google Analytics and actually watch the links I shared in my newsletter being viewed.  It’s also a great place to ask questions and get answers.  Are you on my list?  You can get a FREE 2016 Hand Lettered Calendar as a thank you for signing up.

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10. Successful Bloggers Never… Give up when they hit a bump in the blogging road.
Guys, blogging is rough.  It takes strength and stamina to keep going even when you have a #craftfail, you pageviews are down and no one is linking your Instagram pictures anymore.  Be persistent.  It takes time and dedication, but slowly but surely your following will grow that is engaged with you and your work!

Wow!  We did it.  Now, what habits do you think make successful bloggers?

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