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The sunflower is a bright and attractive flower that is loved by many people. It is used in various ways such as to express inspiration, as interior decorations among others.

Since time immemorial, the sunflower has been associated with the sun and as a result of that, the sunflower motive has become one of the most popular tattoo designs. This type of tattoo is most common and adorable in women. Flower tattoos can be very realistic and it is in most cases drawn on vivid body parts such as the arms, shoulders, legs, and ankles.


Variations of Sunflower Tattoos for Women

Most women prefer to have sunflower tattoos performed with birds, butterflies, ladybugs and other beautiful creatures. Such kinds of tattoos are usually done to stress the uniqueness of the tattoo itself.

A variety of colors is applicable for these tattoos, especially bright colors such as blue, pink, red and yellow. Some ladies, however, prefer to make them monochromic (grey and black colors) and in a variety of techniques.

Different Interpretations of a Sunflower Tattoo

Ever since the ancient times, sunflower tattoos for women have been considered as love symbols. Sunflowers are believed to save love for the remaining days in one’s life.

In China, sunflower is considered as a symbol of happiness, longevity, luck and life power. Christians see this flower as a symbol that the person with it has a strong belief in God and recognizes him as the sovereign Deity. The owner of the drawing shows their connection with God. A sunflower tattoo can, therefore, become a mascot for anyone who believes in Christianity.

Sunflowers are known to undergo rebirth. This is seen as a symbol of a new beginning of another period in life which according to beliefs should be happier than the previous one. The bearer of this tattoo believes that the tattoo will motivate them to realize success in any field and achieve new aims in their career and personal life. As a lady, having such a tattoo done on your body shows people your devotion to succeed in life.

In modern tattoo interpretation, sunflower tattoos symbolize devotion and gratitude for the rest of the bearer’s life. Again, the size of the tattoo also carries a message on what it represents. Big flowers, for example, show the dedication one has in life while small tattoos symbolize worship and the fact that one believes in a supreme being.

Significance of a Sunflower Tattoo

The most common implication of sunflower tattoos for ladies is they are positively minded. They reflect both the owner’s feelings and emotions. In some instances, a flower tattoo can also be used to show remembrance.

Some women opt to have the tattoo done as a double image of the flower. Such tattoos become the mascot for two people who are in love. Couples who intend to bring their love through their whole life find such a tattoo the perfect choice.

To differentiate the tattoo from other tattoos, people commonly use signs with memorable words or dates. Tubes and leaves are usually used to draw such tattoos. Every flower tattoo can be unique in its own way since the image portrayed depends on people’s imagination.

Magnificent Examples of Sunflower Tattoos for Women


Not your regular sunflower tattoo, this one comes in with a mix of colored ink and black ink. The middle part of the tattoo is colored which gives it a mystical mind-boggling illusion. The intricate design of the sunflower is carefully detailed all throughout the tattoo design.


This concept focuses on the entirety of the sunflower. It focuses on the delicate ray flower (the yellow flower) of the sunflower. The center of the tattoo is made of colored ink while the rest of it remains all black.


This one takes sunflower tattoo ideas to the next level. The structure of the design is a skull on which one eye showcases the sunflower the other eye remains hollow. The canvas of the design is made to look like it is tattooed on wood. Let not forget the cute top bun hairstyle on the skull.


This is your classic black ink sunflower tattoo design. There is Lace-like delicate details and thorough shading on the edges of the overall design. The shading of the black ink makes it look more real like.


The amalgamation of two sunflowers resting close to each other in this complex sunflower tattoos for women. The two sunflowers here look like they are overlapping each other as they would in a bouquet.


The concept of this sunflower tattoos idea is to primarily focus on the yellow petals. The design created a disconnected illusion but when looked at in totality it looks beautiful. This sunflower doesn’t incorporate the leaves into the design.


A full zoom and a focus on the sunflower is represented by this tattoo design. The concept spreads over the shoulders giving and it a big sized design as compared to the other sunflower designs.


The beauty of this design lies in the fact that it looks like a sketch. The lines are rough but they come together to make a one of a kind sunflower pattern. Yellow, orange are some of the colors used to create this design.


Think of a crescent moon and sunflower coming together to create some spectacular tattoo ideas for women. The thought behind this design is to create a sunflower design within the crescent moon layout. You can see that the design comprises of several colors.

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