Hey you gorgeous decor8 readers, it’s me Mr. Allan again. Thank you for taking the time to check out yet another of my favorites. This month’s column will be all Danish because I am Danish and since everyone seems to love Denmark and Danish design. The month’s of darkness and way too much grey weather is finally over, and with longer days comes a good mood. Soon, we can even sit outside and enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the sun. This month I am also heading to Milan for the big furniture fair, so feel free to follow along on Instagram @bungalow5dk if you feel like coming along. Anyway. As I said, this column for April will be 100% Danish, even the grooming section, which I have really enjoyed testing for you guys. Ready?

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For April10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For April


I love when I stumble upon new design talents, Trine Poulsen being one of them. I absolutely love her oak wood bench. I really like the added perforated metal plates which offers great extra storage space whether using it in the living room for display or in the entryway for shoes, etc. Trine is very new to the design scene and got her breakthrough last year as she was lucky to showcase her work at the Milan fair, where also new Danish design company Designers First picked up on talented Trine. They now produce her designs.





 2 // ART:

I’ve been a fan of Silke Bonde and her watercolor technique for years I especially love her blue prints and one of newer art prints, “Lunch”, is such a playful and simple tribute to the kitchen. If you love the color green and plants, you’ll love her newest collection, “Greenhouse”, which captures the subtle structure of green plants perfectly.

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For April


A lamp designed in 1971, when the renowned, convention-defying Verner Panton joined hands with Louis Poulsen that, as we all know now, would become an icon: the domed Panthella, conceived to shape light as it gently illuminates its surroundings. Panton was nothing like any of the other designers of his time, he had a profound love for all the new materials turning him into a specialist in steel, plastic, plexiglass and fiberglass. His design work with synthetic materials was trail-blazing, and he was a pioneer in the field of designs that use circles and rounded shapes before they became mainstream style under the banner of ‘organic design’.

Danish Louis Poulsen has just launched a new MINI version of the iconic lamp in bright and shiny chrome.

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For April

 4 // SLEEP:

Maybe one of the best kept secrets in Copenhagen – the newly opened hotel Manon Les Suites. The secret, their huge courtyard pool, which takes center stage of the 87 suites hotel in central Copenhagen. All rooms are greatly decorated in a darker more masculine style than normally seen and some come with beautiful city views from their big balconies. Best of all, you don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to spend time by the pool.

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For April10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For April

 5 // LISTEN:

More and more Danish artists make it big outside Denmark, you might already know both Mø and Lukas Graham. Last month, I also shared a Danish artist, so instead of sharing a new song for you this month, I’ll be sharing a podcast – with yours truly, me! On my last trip to LA I sat down with my friend Caroline Lee for her podcast Out Of Line. We recorded our chat on masculinity, and on the many layers of living life over two very different continents. It is in two parts, so do remember to listen to both.

 Part 1: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-fh8gq-8dabf7

Part 2: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-cgrh2-8dabfe

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For April

6 // GROOM:

This product is basically the best thing ever made for people like me, someone who is in a long-distance relationship. Basically, every other month I jump on a 15 hour flight to see my boyfriend in Los Angeles. I probably do not have to tell you guys, but after such a long flight, you don’t exactly exude mental energy. However, Danish 100% natural skincare brand Nuori have developed my favorite on-flight mask. A supreme moisture mask which doesn’t show when applied, so you can easily apply first thing and let it work on the entire flight.

With the warmer weather in Los Angeles I have found aviendo natural to be an amazing product series. I apply the non-greasy and fast-absorbing sunscreen SFP30 in the morning and throughout the day. At the end of the day, I apply the cooling spray that actively soothes sunburned or irritated skin, while simultaneously healing it.

Although the name sort of suggests it could be something from your kitchen, Ecooking is simply food for your skin. I’ve found that the “rensegel” (cleansing gel) is a very good product to use before applying any masks. It cleans and prepares your skin and can also be used as a quick cleanser for everyday use. In the shower, I’ve used the two-in-one hair and body soap, which is ideal if you bring your own products to the gym or when traveling, less to carry.

This is not the product you want to apply on-board a plane, unless you are extremely carefree from what people think. JorgObé’s original BLACK peel off mask deep cleanses your face completely. If you have a tendency to have small blackheads across the nose like me, this product should be in your arsenal.

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For AprilHelt vildt_shop_spread

 7 // READ:

It is easier to name five contemporary Danish design brands than five living Danish designers. Or at least that’s the statement from the two authors of the book “Helt Vildt!”. The question points out a significant phenomenon in today’s Danish design: is it the brands – not the designers – that we hear about and refer to. How did this come about and how has it affected the values associated with the concept of Danish design and the country’s design industry in general? The purpose of this book, in essence, is to find answers to these questions and put them in their proper context — that is, in the second golden age of Danish design.

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For April10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For April

 8 // EAT:

Noma has reopened. Finally. And believe it or not, there are still seats to be booked. This world-renowned, once called the best in the world, restaurant first opened its door in November 2003 and they haven’t looked back ever since. From what I have seen, you should not be too picky about your food if you grab a seat at the table, as they serve mussels, jellyfish, and starfish. Sitting down at the table at Noma is not only a treat for the pallet, but also for the eye. The new interior was created by David Thulstrup, whom together with Brdr. Kruger has developed a range of amazing wooden furniture, especially the new Arv chair – which is a sight for sore eyes; a beautiful modern chair with a clear reference to Danish mid-century design.

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For April10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For April

 9 // SHOP:

Danish Mater have always been all about sustainability, something I really can relate too. Lately, they have worked a lot with Danish architect Eva Harlou on a range of new furniture, including a new daybed, which is a clear favorite of mine. Just recently Mater opened a new (and the first ever) concept store in Copenhagen in an old car repair store. The new store in Copenhagen is only the beginning of their retail adventure, not only will we see 5 new stores opening across Europe within the next couple of years, but also a fast-growing collection.

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For April


Louisiana, a modern museum 20 min. outside Copenhagen, is showing some of the late and lesser known – but very imaginative – work of Picasso. The exhibition, “A world of ceramics”, is the first of its kind in Scandinavia and is showing more the 160 art pieces by the famous Spaniard. The exhibition is open until May 27th.

See you for my May installment, well, in May! Bye everyone – Allan Torp.

 [Editor’s Note: All grooming products are gifted as part of reviewing for this column in partnership between Allan Torp and the brands. This review is provided by Allan Torp for decor8, any collaborations are his own. All words and opinions are his own.]


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