Whenever you walk into a room with a fireplace, you find that no matter what else the room holds, the fireplace just commands your attention. So you really need a fireplace screen to make the focal point beautiful even in summer when you don’t have a roaring fire going. There are some gorgeous fireplace screens out there to beautify that space, but not all of them accommodate the smaller budgets. Thankfully, there are lots of fireplace screen options that you can make yourself and no one would even suspect it was a DIY. Take a look at these 10 ideas to DIY your own fireplace screen.

If you DIY, you are probably aware of all the possibilities an empty frame can hold. Let’s add one more to the list and create a lovely fireplace screen with a large gilded frame. Or whatever frame fits your decor best. (via Edith and Evelyn)

You gotta love an old window in all it’s chippy paint glory. Turn that old sash into your fireplace’s best wear by sprucing up the chipping paint and adding some mirrored spray paint in the glass to help hide the dark fireplace hole. (via In My Own Style)

For some of us serious budget decorators, we prefer DIYs that use things we already have. So when you discover that you can make this screen from wallpaper and scrap wood or even cardboard, we can dance for joy together. (via Popsugar)

When you live in a country decorated home, it’s pretty easy to find decor to fit your style. Namely, shutters. Because it’s amazing how many things you can use an old shutter for besides updating the look of your house. That includes a fireplace screen. (via My Repurposed Life)

Take a look at this modern beauty! With that scrap wood in your garage and a patterned radiator cover, you can have this on your hearth in a day, strutting it’s stuff in front of your fireplace. (via Zest It Up)

If you’re thinking that this barn door style fireplace screen looks like time and effort, you’d be right. But when you see the finished product, how can you pass it up? It is a great way to be country and industrial at the same time. (via Designer Trapped)

Old stained glass windows are quite beautiful, however it can be hard to know how to decorate with one in your home. By screwing some hardware into the bottom edges, you can have it stand in front of your fireplace and continue making it’s beautiful statement all summer long. (via Hometalk)

When you want to keep something out or something in, you put up a fence around it. Same idea goes for this picket fence fireplace screen. With rustic wood and hardware, you can help keep the draft out and keep the style in, all at the same time. (via The Jenna Juice)

You’ve probably seen the stacked logs in a fireplace trend on Pinterest. Now is your chance to jump on that bandwagon. Glue slices of logs in different sizes onto a black painted board the size of your fireplace opening and voila! (via Pepper)

Are you lamenting your dated fireplace but really don’t have the funds or time to replace your screen? Use a few hours to cover your current brass fireplace screen with black spray paint for a brand new look instantly. (via Bright Green Door)

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