‘Tis the season for decorating your home for the holidays! Of course, not everyone has the room — or the desire — for a big Christmas tree that’s fully decked out. Or, maybe your living room is very festive but the rest of the house is not.  Not to worry, there are all kinds of tabletop Christmas decor items that can spruce up a space and make any area joyful and seasonal. Here are some ideas from Experience and Creative Design in Schenectady, New York for adding a touch of the holidays:

Tabletop Trees

There’s no reason you have to have a 7-foot tree in the living room because there are so many tabletop trees that provide can glamour, childlike motifs or color-coordinated flair to a room. This beauty is about 3 feet tall and is decked out in gold balls and glitter, along with sparkly ribbon and gilded branch accents. This kind of Christmas tree can work anywhere in the house because it does not need to be plugged in. Like twinkle lights? Go ahead and add them!

Themed Tabletop Trees

Smaller tabletop trees are also a great way to try out themed trees to see if you like them or allow for time to start collecting enough ornaments for a larger version. This is a food-focused tree that is great for a chef, avid cook or foodie. The options for specialized ornaments are nearly endless these days, so it’s not difficult to further focus the types of ornament to desserts, drinks or other foods. You can also get creative with the other elements like this tree topper which is actually a simple ball with fringed cocktail skewers.

Gingerbread House

You don’t have to be a pastry artist to enjoy the look of a gingerbread house for the holiday season. If you have the time, go for it — making a gingerbread house can be a marvelous family activity. If not, you can always order a real one, or better yet, purchase a permanent gingerbread house that you can enjoy season after season. This charming house has all the elements of a homemade one, complete with snowy groundcover and cute candy decor. Best of all, you can pack it away without worrying that it will deteriorate before next Christmas.

Sparkly Arrangements

Instead of always reaching for fresh flowers during the holiday season, how about trying out a gilded arrangement in your favorite vase instead? Whether you put it together yourself or order it from your favorite flower or decor shop, a wintry, sparkly vase of branches, flowers and accents immediately enlivens a room, entryway or office. It’s a festive touch that’s easier than decorating an entire tree!

Natural Touches

Plenty of holiday decor for the holidays includes figures of birds and small animals that are commonly found in the colder months. This candle arrangement features a cute little gilded nest with a sweet sparrow inside. Glittery acorns and pine cones add extra flash. This is actually one of those decorations that could grace your house from before Thanksgiving until long into January because it doesn’t rely on the typical red and green color scheme.

Copper Accents

Silver and gold might be the subject of a famous Christmas carol, but that doesn’t mean all your metallic ornaments have to be those colors. From rose gold to tinted metallics and copper, lots of other options exist for your shiny decor. This candle arrangement has just enough greenery accented with “iced” branches all surrounding copper-colored balls and gilded leaves.  A sweet goldfinch in the center adds a touch of nature to the piece.

Candy Cane Centerpiece

Whether this is used as a dining table centerpiece or just a tabletop accent, the profusion of candy canes sprouting makes it a very cute decor addition. It already features frosty evergreen branches and lots of shiny red accents, but the candy canes give it added joyfulness. Kids and adults will smile just looking at this one.

Sweet Centerpieces

While we’re on the subject of candy, little sparkly marshmallow accents are another sweet and festive touch to add to an arrangement. Little ones might be tempted to taste, but these are actually styrofoam shapes that have been glittered. They’re combined with some other candy ornaments and little red balls, cinnamon sticks and red and white accent picks. You could even create on including wrapped candies that family and guests can pluck and eat on Christmas. We love the sandy brown demerara sugar propping up the candle in the tall holder at the center.

A Natural Nutcracker

The nutcracker is an iconic symbol of the season, usually decked out in its typical colorful military outfit. Here, it’s rendered in a plan, natural wood that still conveys the same feeling with a more organic vibe. It pairs very well with the snowy evergreen branches and frosted berry sprays and natural wooden ball, all set into a rustic galvanized container. The only element of bling is a single pearl accent.

Mantel Decor

The fireplace is a natural for holiday decorating and there’s no quicker way to make a space feel cozy that to add seasonal items to the mantel. This garland is extra sparkly because the tips of the pine boughs are accented with metallic balls. A sequined and glittered turquoise ribbons winds through the garland along with a plaid one, for extra charm. Finally, the balls included are pastel pink and turquoise, accented with a few vibrant magenta-colored ones. Altogether, it a traditional decoration with a modern twist when you swap out the colors like this.

These are just a few ways to make your home extra festive this year, whether or not you have a Christmas tree. They are also great examples of how to have a holiday-decorated home of any size without the big tree.

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