10 Home Gadgets at CES 2019: Talking Toilets, Beer-Ordering Fridges, and More

Sleek design meets smart technology. Innovative solutions produce stylish results. And of course, there are robots and talking toilets.

LaMetric's new Sky mosaic light panels.

Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, every January, the annual consumer electronics show CES is where we get a sneak peek at the latest tech gadgets we’ll be buying in the next few years, and a glimpse into the future of technology.

Over its 50 years, CES has traditionally focused on “black box tech” (televisions, home entertainment, and gaming devices), but the emergence of the smart home has brought a lot more color to the Las Vegas Convention Center—and this year was the year of the stylish smart home. 

Innovations had technology at their core, but style was front and center in products such as LG’s OLED R rollable television, La Metric’s mosaic light panels, and Emteck’s smart door locks. Read on for 10 of the gadgets and inventions that caught our eye at CES 2019.

Emtek’s EMPowered Smart Locks

Smart—or stylish? Emtek now lets you have both in your door hardware.

Is it smart or stylish? Emtek now lets you have both in your door hardware.

Photo by Emtek

Say goodbye to that bulky smart door lock and hello to some style and sophistication in the smart home. Custom door hardware manufacturer Emtek launched its first ever line of smart locks at CES: the EMPowered Smart Locks—Connected by August.

Now, when you choose your door hardware style, you can add a touchscreen keypad or a keyed entry set powered by Emtek’s sister brand, August. The smarts include automatic locking and unlocking as you approach or leave, remote access to your door lock, the ability to send digital keys and to know if the door has been left open, plus voice control through your voice assistant of choice. 

The keypad will be available in February, and the keyed entry set in April, starting at $350.

LG Signature OLED TV R

The LG OLED TV R can disappear into its base, sit in

The LG OLED TV R rolls into its base, sit in “line mode” (pictured) or roll up for a full TV screen

Photo by LG Electronics

LG showed a prototype of the Signature OLED TV R at CES 2018 to much enthusiasm, but this year the company brought the real thing and announced that it will hit stores this year, “at a premium price point.”

Offering an entirely new form-factor for a television, this 64″ rollable, OLED screen finally allows for freedom of design in your space without the traditional limitations of a wall and a fixed black box. Place your TV in front of a window, in the middle of a room, or anywhere you like—because it will disappear into its base when not in use.

That base is also a Dolby Atoms 4.2 sound bar, with an aluminum body and wood blend cover (produced by Danish textile company Kvadrat), so not only does it look good without the TV, it also works as a bluetooth speaker.

Available in the second half of 2019; no pricing has been announced.

LaMetric’s Sky Mosaic lights

Design your own lighting fixture with LaMetric's Sky mosaic light panels.

Design your own lighting fixture with LaMetric’s Sky mosaic light panels.

Photo by LaMetric

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