We may be subconsciously withdrawing and using grey as a means of protection to feel safe and secure for an interior design. Grey interior give a formality that is subtle elegance without being too conservative. Its effect depends on the color shade that you use. If grey has a yellow tint may be depressed, especially if you have things in the room in various shades of brown. But a beautiful shade of gray, in combination with not very bright white color, can create a clean and refreshing appearance.

Let’s bring the color to one of the most important area in a house; kitchen. There are a lot of ideas about grey kitchen, that you can adopt for your kitchen area (we’ve posted about grey and white kitchen). One of the thing you can use to popping up the color as your kitchen concept, is a cabinet. And now we are going to talk about some of the ideas about grey kitchen cabinet ideas.

Don’t get it too long, let’s take a look at our chosen ideas of grey kitchen cabinet you have to consider to be a part of your house. Check these out!

1. Wooden Grey Cabinets

Having this common style of wooden grey cabinets for your kitchen is never a bad idea. Combine it with stone walls and black and white granite, and here is the whole idea look.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 1
Image via icanhasgif.com

2. Simple and Modern Grey Cabinets

Having an ergonomic furniture in a simple and beautiful look is always a good idea, moreover if we are talking about a kitchen. Comes in a modern look, everyone will love to have this grey cabinet for their kitchen. So, why don’t you?

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 2
Image via cabinetsforkitchen.blogspot.com

3. Grey Framed Glass Cabinets

With clear glass cabinets, it is saving more time to know what’s inside the cabinet without guessing and opening cabinets one by one, because not everyone should have a responsibility to memorize anything in the cabinets. With grey frame, you will get a very elegant look but not too bold for your kitchen.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 3
Image via hdwalls.xyz

4. Light Grey Cabinets with Clear Glass

Here is another idea of clear glass kitchen cabinet idea in grey frame. But, as you can see from the picture below, you can adopt the lighter grey color to make the whole kitchen looks calmer.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 4
Image via cabinethardwareideas.com

5. Modern Textured Grey Cabinets

Looking for kitchen cabinet set in modern look? Here is one of the coolest modern grey kitchen cabinet ideas that ever showed in the internet.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 5
Image via cabinetsforkitchen.blogspot.com

6. Grey Framed and White Glass

You want a good look of glass cabinet but don’t want the inside of the cabinet ruin the look of you simple-concept kitchen? You might love to have this grey framed kitchen cabinet set with white glass to cover the whole thing inside.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 6
Image via interiorsbystudiom.com

7. Classic Brownish Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Here is an idea for you who would love to have a classic look for a kitchen. With brownish grey color of the cabinets, here is the wonderful warm and elegant look you can get for a kitchen.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 7
Image via www.homeydesigning.com

8. Grey and Wooden Textures Kitchen Cabinets

Who said grey kitchen cabinet ideas cannot come together with the natural texture of wood? Take a look at the idea below and adopt the idea for your beautiful kitchen.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 8
Image via www.decorpad.com

9. Glossy Grey Kitchen Cabinets

The glossy look makes the kitchen clean and elegant. As simplicity is one easy way to reach the elegance, look at this idea below to be one of your reference in making a cool and elegant kitchen.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 9
Image via www.kitchen-design-ideas.org

10. Glossy Grey Cabinets with Vertical Handle

Another reference of glossy grey kitchen idea, but in this ide, the cabinets have a long vertical metal handle that makes the look really chic with the function.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 10
Image via www.housetohome.co.uk

If you have too many gray areas will become predominant and create a boring environment. Make sure you mix and match every furniture in your kitchen to have a catchy look with one of the grey kitchen cabinet ideas above. Have a good time upgrading your kitchen!

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