Mention footwear or better still, shoes, and you have the attention of every woman in and around. This is because shoes have been known to arouse a passion and obsession in women that not many other things can do. Whether this comes out of a natural love of fashion or due to competition or some other factor, we do not know. That is why, there is a good chance that every girl and woman out there wants to know the kind of footwear she will be buying in 2017, the new year, which is basically just a few days away. What we are going to do here is take a look at the footwear trends in the coming months, and basically give you the means to come up with a wish list that you can aim to for the next year. While you are in the process of picking out the footwear that you want to own, you should also check out fabulous fashion tips; smart dresses and shoes matching ideas.

While we are on the subject of shoes or footwear, we also reckon that you could use some guidance on shoes fashion vocabulary that you can learn before you go shopping, so that you sound knowledgeable. While we are on the subject, it is not just about shoes but the entire attire, so do check out last minute casual work attires.


Smart two in one platform heels: We don’t know whether you remember or not but there was once a style that had some elements of the platform and the stilettos. They would not be as high at the front but would have heels that were like the platform at the back.


Silk and leather flats: You cannot have a list of must have footwear without having a pair or two of flats. A girl has to be able to walk without thinking too much once in a while, right?


Pumps and mules: Sensible as the name suggests, the designs on these will more than make up for the lack of heels. Your feet will thank you for these when you have to look good but also stand and walk a lot.


Boot it up: Boots that reach just near the knee level have an oomph all their own and when you add nice designs, then you have to have them on your wish list.


Studded heels: These may not have that high a heel, but the metal studs on them will scream party and your feet will be allowed not to scream from pain when you wear them.


Floral stiletto: Stilettos have the killer edge but this are tempered by cute little floral designs on them to make them seem lady like and can be worn with those demure frocks or a party gown too.


Checkered pointed heels: Pointed heels and that too check design on them put your feet in firmly formal or official mode and sometimes we want that.


Sensible sandals: A pair of almost but not quite flat sandals are something that every girl must have for those days when she needs to step out shopping or spend the day with a gang of friends.


Crazy platforms: Platforms can be a good compromise when you want to look taller but you do not want to wear stilettos but they are also considered a tad boring. To make up for this factor, you can get them with crazy designs on them.


Metallic boots: We are not talking metal here but just some metallic accents to ensure that your boots stand out and add an element of fun to them.

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