For several years, denim vest «strengthened its position» and is relevant for many occasions. It’s interesting that denim vest is both fun, fashionable, and slimming any figure part of women’s wardrobe, however, as almost any jeans.

Rules for the selection of the image with a denim vest

10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой

What to wear with it? The vests this plan has many variations, and the choice must pay attention to the shape of the girl and, of course, the weather. Denim vest tends to hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages of the figures:

For young girls and tall slender women fit all models of vests and match them to different outputs possible, follow your own taste.

Women’s vest will become a way out for those who want to correct the figure.

To make the figure visually above will help long vests, they will also be able to hide the fullness of the hips and make the legs longer.

— Girls and women with a full figure it is not recommended to wear too loose or tight vests.

Women with «pear-shaped» figure will fit short or long vests from denim.

Girls with broad shoulders are advised to wear a vest-a sleeveless top, it will visually make your shoulders rounder and softer way.10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой

Those who suffer from the extra inches in the waist, it is better to use a dark waistcoat with a longitudinal white stains in the waist, it will hide the fault and make the silhouette sleeker.

Sometimes it seems strange that women like to wear men’s clothes. They got to the pants, jackets, and even denim clothes and say nothing. The model is a classic denim vest has changed in many ways and exists in different versions: long, short, loose and fitted, with multiple clasps, decorated, etc.

Couturier leading fashion houses present a lot of exquisite solutions on the question: what to wear with a denim vest.

With jeans

This image is universal, but to add the raisins should give preference to the denim details with a different color, otherwise there will be so-called «plum flower» and the image will get «cheap» look. Looks good unbuttoned vest, and under it a white t-shirt. Recommended jeans just below the waist and with a belt. This outfit can be worn with loafers, sneakers, espadrilles, ballet flats.10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой

With a summer dress

Looks good even if the dress is made of very thin fabric. In a way, you can add lace-up white ballet flats or sneakers because they look versatile with any outfit. The image will complete, for example, sunglasses and straw hat, preferably the same color with the dress. The color of the dress is desirable pastel, but «in the theme» white and black shades. Of the accessories good will large earrings and a clutch bag.10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой

Girls who prefer romantic style can smartly and appropriate to wear a denim vest. All lovers of the gown can rejoice. This combination is the place to be, and it is very popular. The only thing you should avoid is too bright accents and contrasts. Light sandals to go low will complete the image of a cute girl.

With chunky boots

No one said that it is forbidden daring combinations. Naturally, you should dress for the weather, but in this case it is recommended to wear a vest with short sleeves or a vest, boots, boots-Doc Martens or grinders, and easy sundress in neutral colors. In addition good to be boho jewellery and leather bracelets.10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой

With the sundress

Again summer look with the denim vest. What to wear with it — so it is with feminine details wardrobe. Look great monochrome pattern long and MIDI style, short of a good model colorful colors, but pastel colors.10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой


In fact, this detail is not evident surrounding her will not even notice. In this case, it is recommended to use a bodysuit with long sleeves, wear it often in cooler seasons. If you like to wear low jeans, the bodysuit is what you need, especially if the vest is short. However, remember that this outfit will only fit ladies with a waist without flaws.10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой

With a denim jacket or shirt «untucked»

Stored street style, such a variation is naturally not suitable for a social event, but to walk around town and take some pictures. If the shirt on the issue of a long line of thigh, it is better to wear a short vest. Add the image of a bright scarf and a crossbody bag made of coarse leather, shoes-Doc Martens or loafers.10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой

With a skirt and heeled sandals

Another trend, many favorite skirt-a Maxi is also great combined with denim vest. Best of all, this ensemble looks, if it is to complement a plain top and ballet flats. The selected image is perfect not only for romantic dates, but also for walks with friends and various things.

Important: Classic skirt goes perfectly with outdoor vest. Shoes for the image is selected depending on the length of the skirt if long – definitely a high heel, short – sandals or ballet flats without it or platform shoes. Under a vest you can wear a t-shirt or t-shirt with print. If the skirt with a belt at the waist, it is recommended to Mike to fill, but if the skirt is «hip», it is better not to refuel.10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой

With bright trousers

An interesting image to look so thin and not only. Add to the ensemble a fashionable hat and sandals/shoes wedge heel suede. Bag — definitely big leather «classic» colors, but not black.

In the bright summer plumage black color is not relevant — it makes the image a little sloppy!

10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой

With chiffon dress

The vest is good to be combined with a chiffon dress in pastel shades. Looks perfect subdued colors in small patterns, for example, in flower. Dress may be casual, but can be formfitting in the bodice. Excellent will look the vest to the waist, this will accentuate the figure. Shoes — classic beige or brown.10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой

It is not possible to wear a denim vest?

    When you select the image is not to mix jeans with more dense and textured fabrics (wool, fur), it’s not quite in the topic. Do not use in combination the details of the office image. Despite all its versatility, not matched with the classic stuff. For perfectly ironed trousers and slim skirts perfect classic jackets. Besides, modern fashion easily turned all the «office requirements» to a very interesting and attractive outfits. But the denim vest, no one designer is not used when creating a classic image. When the denim in the outfit a lot, the image is reminiscent of the very workers initially wore jeans. If this fabric seemed a lot, so should something change. For example, shorts of jeans to replace linen, denim purse to change into leather or fabric clutch bag and shoes with denim inserts on monochrome ballet flats. Then the image will not throw in the eye and cause unpleasant associations. For the bottom image, you should avoid large cells, it is better to avoid it altogether.

You should always consider the weather conditions. Denim vest most important looks in summer, autumn and spring. In winter it is better to refrain and not to wear that thing. If a vest is the most favorite item of clothing, in winter it is best to replace the fur-analogue.

The secrets of creating male images

Men’s vest can be safely combined with things, is made in casual style. In this case, fit a simple model with pockets. As additions, you can choose a simple pair of jeans or cotton trousers, loose cut.

Also, this garment looks great with casual shirts or t-shirts. In addition, the man can combine denim vest with slim jeans or sweaters. Another excellent option would be a sweatshirt. Fans of casual style may well choose supplements in the form of a turtleneck.10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой10 модных луков с джинсовой жилеткой

It is important to remember that this garment should not fasten the last button. In addition, it should not be visible to the shirt. Considering all the advice of stylists, each person will be able to create stylish and onions.

Denim vest is a versatile piece of clothing which is equally well suited men and women. With this stuff you can create many stylish and original images in casual or street style. The main thing — to choose the right additions and accessories, and also be mindful of the harmony of color combinations.

And in conclusion…

From the foregoing it follows that denim jackets never go out of fashion, are one of the recognized and comfortable items of women’s clothing.

The fashion never ends because of their diversity and ability to easily change completely any appearance. Such a thing should be present in the wardrobe of every girl and women.