You only have one chance to make a good first impression. And that’s especially true when it comes to designing your entryway. It’s inevitable that you (and your guests) will see it every time you enter your home, so you’ll want to invest a little extra time into the design.

There are many pieces that need to come together to make this small space sing. Luckily, one of the easiest ways to create impact is hanging wallpaper. Choose something that speaks to your personality. If you are someone who appreciates structure and order, perhaps a geometric print is calling to you. If you are more playful, there are countless cool animal prints. The options are limitless.

Blue and White All Over
This blue and white geometric print is the perfect backdrop for matching accents. The color story here could not be more enticing, and the print mixing is divine. Even the hanging pendant, reflected in the mirror, mimics the wallpaper pattern.

Bring in a Non-Print Print
This printed wallpaper almost reads as a solid. If you want to dip your toes into the world of wallpaper, this is a good first step. This wallpaper doesn’t define the space, but it works well with the wood and jute materials sprinkled throughout.
Choose a Traditional Pattern in an Unexpected Color
This bright turquoise amps up a traditional print, and your entryway is the perfect place to experiment with bold colors. It’s a small space that can take on a style all its own. Just because you don’t have this shade in the rest of your home doesn’t mean it can’t live happily here.
Don’t be Afraid to Go Wild
Your home should reflect your personality. If you are bold and rowdy by nature, don’t fight that. These running zebras come in a toned down color, making the eccentricity of the print a bit tamer. Coupled with more traditional accents, this space is the ultimate mix.
Put a Bird On It
We go nuts for just about anything with a bird on it. Whether it’s an owl, flamingo or sparrow—we can’t stay away. This soft print is the perfect wallpaper to welcome you home. Upon entering your house, these birds create a sense of calm. They appear to be deep in conversation—and will certainly start one.
Add Something Abstract
Perhaps you already have the perfect pieces in your entryway and are just lacking a little pizzazz. Try an abstract wallpaper. This captivating pattern brings your eye upward, as it appears to be climbing up the wall. Just because you want something bold, does not necessarily mean it has to be bright. This wallpaper is the perfect example of a loud neutral.
Find Something Folksy
This saturated shade is one your guests will not forget. Inspired by traditional Mexican embroidered textiles, this wallpaper is a great addition to your entryway. No need to pattern up the entire place—one perfectly picked wall will do.
Be Cool
Let this pattern speak for itself. If you have a passageway that is long and narrow, take advantage of that by playing with your walls. The inevitably awkward furniture arrangement can be balanced out by the distraction of an amazing print, which instantly makes you the coolest kind in town.
Dare to Do Dark Florals
This is a trend that’s been big for a while. Dark florals are moody, romantic and daring, and they are more exciting that your traditional ditsy print. These blooms add an edge to your entryway without being too intimidating. If you are itching to try out a trend, your entryway is the perfect place to do so. Dare to go dark with a fresh floral print.
Meet Halfway
If you are having a hard time deciding if wallpaper is right for you, try it on half the wall. Add white wainscoting and wallpaper the portion above it. Feel free to skip the dancing zebras, gossiping birds and daring florals. There are plenty of options out there that have white backgrounds and neutral motifs.