10 Easy Paper Craft Projects

If you have always wanted to be more crafty but aren’t sure where to begin, we suggest starting with simple DIY projects. Today I am sharing 10 easy paper crafts you can make for your home, a special event, or for someone else to enjoy. Even if you have never crafted before, you will be able to make all of the beautiful projects shown below with our templates and step-by-step tutorials.

Paper Daisies. 0:38
Paper daisies are a very easy flower to start with, making it a great one for beginners.
Try our simple paper daisies – https://liagriffith.com/simple-paper-daisies/
or our Frosted Paper Daisy Kit – https://liagriffith.com/video-tutorial-new-gerbera-daisy-frosted-paper-flower-kit/

Paper Cacti. 1:16
Cut, fold, and insert your pieces together to craft some super cute cacti decor. Get started with our paper cacti project – https://liagriffith.com/paper-cacti/
or our Frosted Paper Cacti Kit – https://liagriffith.com/video-tutorial-frosted-paper-mini-cacti-kit/

Paper Air Plants. 1:49
Craft unique air plants in less than 10 steps!
Try our pretty vellum paper air plants – https://liagriffith.com/vellum-paper-air-plants/
or our Frosted Paper Air Plants Kit – https://liagriffith.com/video-tutorial-new-frosted-paper-air-plants-kit/

Tropical Leaves. 2:33
So gorgeous yet so simple to create! And you can use them for many different projects, too. Make this beautiful tropical leaf poster – https://liagriffith.com/papercut-botanical-poster/
or frame them to create some unique tropical artwork – https://liagriffith.com/framed-papercut-tropical-leaves/

Paper Lanterns. 3:15
Switch these out every season or craft them for a special event. Our garden lanterns are a member favorite! – https://liagriffith.com/paper-garden-lanterns/
Or you can explore more paper lanterns to find your own favorite – https://liagriffith.com/handcraftyourlife/paper-lanterns/

Paper Pumpkins. 3:53
With fall right around the corner, we know many of you will want some cute pumpkin decor in your home! You can make these paper pumpkins in just 5 minutes. – https://liagriffith.com/diy-paper-pumpkin/

Paper Apples. 8:42
Craft some cute paper apples for your kiddo to decorate their desk at home. Or they can help you craft one as a teacher gift! – https://liagriffith.com/paper-apples-for-back-to-school/

Paper Bows. 12:59
An easy way to make your wrapped gifts look even cuter. These will take you about a minute to make!

Paper Feathers. 17:18
Perfect for party decor, home decor, and as gift toppers! We love these gold-tipped paper feathers – https://liagriffith.com/gold-tipped-paper-feathers/
and these paper feather candle wraps – https://liagriffith.com/simple-paper-feather-candle-wraps/

Candy Huggers. 23.55
Another member favorite and so easy to make! Our dinosaur candy huggers – https://liagriffith.com/dinosaur-candy-huggers/
and animal huggers are way too cute – https://liagriffith.com/kids-valentines-candy-huggers/
Use them as party favors or as a fun little treat for your kids’ lunches.

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