10+ Easy Hacks to make a Small Space feel BIG

10+ Easy Hacks to make a Small Space feel BIG

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Today we show you 11 hacks to make your teeny space feel big + look like a magazine!

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DESKTOP PLUG: http://bit.ly/2UnZgFx
HOLE SAW DRILL BIT: http://bit.ly/2Uo4v85
CHALK PAINT: http://bit.ly/2Uoj4IP
COFFEE TABLE: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/30349452/
WALL BRAKCET: http://bit.ly/2UkurSa
HINGES: http://bit.ly/2UrE2ql
SIMILAR MIRROR: http://bit.ly/2UkdZ4e
SIMILAR MIRROR: http://bit.ly/2DHwN84
SIMILAR FLOOR POUF: http://bit.ly/2DHXfyC

KELSEY’S SWEATER (SIMILAR): http://bit.ly/2DHYgqq
KELSEY’S JEANS: http://bit.ly/2DHDPtK
KELSEY’S HAIRBAND: http://bit.ly/2DG9co9
BECKY’S JEANS: http://bit.ly/2UoBLfB


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MAIN CAMERA // http://bit.ly/2RpDz73
MEMORY CARD // http://bit.ly/2RnUoz1
FILMING LENS // 24-105mm – http://bit.ly/2RqyueC
CAMERA + LENS ADAPTER // http://bit.ly/2Q2SUxz
PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA // http://bit.ly/2RqQ81I
PHOTOGRAPHY LENS // 35mm – http://bit.ly/2Rs7wmQ
ON-CAMERA MIC // http://bit.ly/2Q3nSG3
AUDIO RECORDER // http://bit.ly/2RpaHf6
LAV MICS // http://bit.ly/2Q4q7ZI x2


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