It’s not too early to make your  Christmas tree, so start getting creative, stylish and dreamy, of course. To help you out, we gathered ten gorgeous and very different suggestions for you:

1. White Christmas and red holiday elements

Decorate your dreamy Christmas tree with puffy white tinsel and add holiday deco accents all around it. This traditional mix looks amazing so glam it up with golden details and also pine cones for a more holiday inspired vibe.

2. Fancy vibe

Decorate your Christmas tree in a fancy, yet simple way focusing on white and golden deco elements. Don’t over exaggerate with the deco elements and just search for the perfect balance. Also, make sure the Christmas presents under the tree are in the same glam and fancy deco style.

3. Dreamy lights

In a room filled with Christmas deco items and a lot of things that pop out in the room, it’s best just to make a Christmas tree decorated only with dreamy light. Everything will look stylish and you will see better every holiday deco item.

4. Ice, ice baby

Think of the moment when it’s snow on everything on when everything is covered in icicles and make your Christmas tree looking like that. This decoration is perfect for a glam or elegant living space filled with neutral and silver deco items.

5. Bohemian mood

Are you an eternal dreamer, you love summer and the boho style? Then, focus on these things when decorating your Christmas tree and decorate it with colorful flowers of all sorts. It will look very original!

6. Pretty in white

Make a dreamy Christmas tree in a cozy space by focusing on white and silver. Add also pine tree cones to emphasize the winter vibe and elegant wrapped gifts all around it.

7. Shiny day

If you love shiny elements this is the perfect Christmass tree for you. Choose shinny ribbons, a golden star and sparkling deco elements and make this tree the star of your living room.

8. Merry wishes

If you love quotes or Christmas wishes spell them on your dreamy Christmass tree. Match them with neutral ornaments and oversized stars. The whole arragement will look amazing.

9. Rainbow tree

If you really want a Christmas tree with a lot of colors and you can’t decide of two or tree just add less ornaments and you will have a stylish tree. Also, make it dreamy by adding a lot of magic neutral lights.

10. Blue dream

The classic blue-white combo is always classy and a good ideea. For a glamorous look pick oversized ornaments and add a lot of ribbons. Let your blue Christmas begin!

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