10 DIYs and Tips That Will Help You Stop Depression – DIY Room Decor And Cheer-Up Tips

Colorful DIY Room Decor Ideas and tips that might cheer you up if you’re felling sad, depressed or just in a bad mood! Hanging Planters, Funny Dice Game, Psychological Wall Clock, Rainbow Jewelry Bowls, Colorful Drawing (like Rorschach Test) and tips how to reduce your stress level and improve your mood 🙂 Enjoy!

First of all I must say – I know what is depression, what is anxiety and phobia! And all those tips I show in the video help me a lot every time I’m not in better mood 🙂

Maybe you would think “why she didn’t say (write LOL) a word about exercises, food and deep sleep?”
Umm… Yep, you’d be right. But all those advises could be given only by specialists and by those ppl who have never been depressed. Because when you are depressed you can’t even stand up. You just don’t see a point. You don’t want to eat and you sleep bad.
My tips are tested by myself. They don’t push on action, they are passive and seriously help. So, truly hope my video will be helpful for you too!

Doing crafts (not art) is really helpful.
So I start with DIY Hanging Planter. And if you will plant mint or basil it could also be the best natural air freshener and tasty fresh accent in your tea. 🙂
All you need: a wood cutting board, plastic flower pot (without drainage hole), screw and plant. I recommend mint. To fill your room with minty air – just touch leaves. And of course – mint is a great stress helper! Just squeeze one leaf with fingers and put into your tea.

The next one – DIY Funny Dice Game. Just play it when you feel lonely and do actions they show. 🙂 One die is for actions and another one is for time. Here are actions I wrote: Jump, Smile, Clap your hands, Pull your ears, Arms up, Sing a song. And time: 1 minute, 40 seconds, 30 sec, 20 sec, 10 sec and 5 sec. Pretty easy and helpful!

The third project is a DIY Psychological Wall Clock. I’m seriously in love with it! It is colorful, smart, creative, beautiful and easy (to do). And it is always fun to check what time is it – Creativity past Fun, or Love to Peace LOL 🙂 Or it can help you with an advice what to do right now. If it is two o’clock – which is yellow color (creativity) in my case – you could create something. Or if it is eight o’clock (which is brown – comfort) – you could drink a cup of coffee, light candles and to everything that makes you feel comfortable and cozy 🙂

The fourth DIY – Rainbow Jewelry Bowls are great for those, who want to make something cool and quick 🙂 Pretty easy idea but I like it! 🙂 Just a tip – rotate bowl as shown in the video few times, to have gradient effect.

Number 5 – DIY Positive Colorful à la Rorschach Test. I love it! You can draw whatever you want, any lines and shapes and to get an absolutely amazing result. Just do it quickly, cause paints dry fast.

I start with an absolutely easy but really helpful tip – wear glasses (sunglasses or safety glasses, whatever) with yellow lenses! You will trick your brain into believing you’re getting more natural sunlight. Everything (especially outside, when it is raining) becomes bright and you’re mood gets better! Watch TV or YouTube, take shower, cook – whatever! It will help! It helps me!

The next one – is a contrast shower. If you have strength to stand up and go have a bath – trust me – better take a cold-hot-cold-hot shower. It will make you feel full of energy! Don’t take it for long – just few switches from cold to hot. I take 1 minute cold water, the switch to hot water (also for a minute) and repeat it three times.

Deep Breathing – is next 🙂 I have read so many researches about it’s benefits… But I don’t have any right to retell them, because I’m not a medical expert LOL So I would just say 3 times (in and out) is enough for me to balance my mental state, if I can say so. I feel just balanced and calm after breathing. And my S-Health (in my Samsung) shows I always have 100% SpO2 level after breathing. 😉

Moving on – chew toys for dogs! Yeah! It’s great! Everyone knows about a theory that massaging your foot can activate or normalize your every organ’s function. I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of that theory, but anyway – it feels so good LOL

And the last tip – my favourite – watch comedies. I highly recommend to watch Mr. Bean. I just adore Rowan Atkinson. His character (Mister Bean) is the highest level of perfection in art. You can find him on YouTube (Mr. Bean with verify symbol). But sure, you can watch any comedy that makes you happy. Because laughter decreases stress and triggers body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals.

Love you!

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