10 Corner Decoration Ideas That Actually Make Sense

Room corners are awkward and also pretty annoying and challenging when it comes to furnishing or decorating a space. They often force us to adopt certain specific layouts or to organize our homes in ways which are not necessarily optimal. But there’s no point being demoralized about it when a much more efficient attitude would be trying to find a way to make the most of that awkward corner space and to actually turn it into a positive feature. Today we’re showing you ten corner decoration ideas which will hopefully set you on the right track.

Room corners are actually ideal spaces if you want to create a cozy reading nook. Find yourself a comfortable chair, maybe also an ottoman, a side table and a lamp and cuddle up with a good book.

You can also put a small desk in the corner of a room like the living area or the bedroom. You might not be able to find a desk with the exact dimensions that you need so consider a custom design. The desk could simply be an oversized wall-mounted shelf.

You can also display things in corners. For example, a large potted plant would actually fit perfectly in such a space. It wouldn’t really interfere with the room’s layout and it could actually be pretty big and tall, like this one.

A more practical option is to occupy the corner with a big piece of furniture like a closet or a bookcase. You could put doors and shelves on either side of the unit or you can make it compact so it can double as a space divider in an unconventional sense of the term.

More often than not, we choose to display floor lamps in the corners of our rooms simply because it really makes sense and it’s actually a perfect match. Floor lamps are usually tall and narrow so they fit perfectly in corners and you can have chairs and sofas placed right beside them, creating a cozy combo.

You can also use a room corner to display a group of objects. For example, a collection of vases, sculptures, books or other items can be displayed here, all grouped up on shelves or on a console table.

Here’s an example of how you can organize a space by incorporating the corner into the design. Notice how you can barely notice the corner since it’s covered by the plant and wall decor.

If you place a chair or a sofa in a corner like this you’ll be left with an empty triangle-shaped space just behind it and that’s actually not such a bad thing. You can put the corner space to good use if you place a floor lamp, a plant or some other accent piece there.

You can make a room corner seem less harsh and linear if you decorate the adjacent walls and you make the transition between them smoother and more seamless. In this particular case, the table lamp sits right in the corner which is a nice detail too as the light is reflected onto the adjacent walls, creating a cool visual effect, most noticeable at night.

Hanging chairs, especially the egg-shaped ones, are made for corners or at least they fit perfectly in there. It makes sense to hang one in a corner since you don’t want it to be in the way and to interfere with your room’s layout too much. This is actually true for any kind of accent chair, not just the hanging kind. Don’t hesitate to add a cute side table next to the chair so you can create a snuggly and cozy reading nook.

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