Few things capture the spirit of intrepid road-tripping and outdoor adventuring better than trailers and campervans.

Mink Campers come equipped with solar panels, Webasto heater and thermostat, gas stove, illuminated ice chest, USB charging,  and BOSE sound system.

However, don’t worry if you’re not quite ready to buy your own mobile mini home just yet. Thanks to the following 10 rental companies, you can enjoy the freedom and convenience of mobile living, without making the full-time commitment. 

So whether you’re leaning towards an Airstream, tiny teardrop or cozy camper for your next outdoor escape, get ready to pack your bags because you’ll find all the options below.

Camp Weathered 

Average price: $55 per night 

Back in December 2017, Bay Area entrepreneurs and outdoors enthusiasts Alex McNeil and Jesse Bodony launched Camp Weathered, a teardrop trailer rental company, to share their love for nature with those seeking a retreat in the Northern California wilderness. | Book Now

A teardrop trailer from teardrop trailer rental company Camp Weathered.

With a comfy bed, a built-in kitchenette and plenty of storage, this tiny trailer will provide all the amenities needed for a quick getaway. 

Courtesy of Camp Weathered


Average price: starts at $309 per night 

When seeking rooftops and retro vibes, the unique, all-trailer boutique hotel Notel will deliver that and much more. Thanks to six newly-renovated Airstream trailers set atop a rooftop parking garage in downtown Melbourne, Australia, you can satisfy your adventurous itch without even leaving the city. | Book Now

Interiors of one of the Airstream suites in Notel – a unique, all-trailer boutique hotel in Melbourne, Australia.

Notel’s Airstream suites come fully equipped with sleek designs and modern amenities.

Courtesy of Notel


Average price: from $169 per night 

Founded by Neil Dipaola, chief executive officer of real estate firm Mesa Lane Partners, AutoCamp is a midcentury-inspired campsite where you can rent your own private Airstream and enjoy nature, all while partaking in the park’s excellent facilities.| Book Now 

Airstream rentals by AutoCamp

Above is just one of the many Airstream trailers you can rent through AutoCamp.

Courtesy of Aubrie Pick

Off the Grid Rentals

Average price: from $112.50 per night

Another great choice for your next trip is the Social Teardrops “Krawler” from Off The Grid Rentals. Weighing at only 1,250 pounds, this trailer can easily be towed by most vehicles, and you can also rent a rooftop tent for additional space, if needed.  | Book Now 

A Socal Teardrops “Krawler” from Off The Grid Rentals.

With rental locations in California, Arizona and Utah, Off The Grid Rentals is a convenient option for adventures taking place along the west coast.

Courtesy of Off The Grid Rentals

Iceland’s Mink Campers

Average price: from $146 per night

When craving to camp throughout the majestic countryside of Iceland, check out the fully-equipped rentals at Mink Campers. These trailers come packed with solar panels, a Webasto heater and thermostat, a gas stove, an illuminated ice chest, USB charging, and a BOSE sound system. 

But that’s not all. There’s even a luxurious queen size mattress with soft linens, guaranteeing your stay to be an extra cozy one. | Book Now 

Towable campers from Icelandic company Mink.

With the fully-functional, towable campers from Icelandic company Mink, there’s no doubt you’ll have an unforgettable journey.

Courtesy of Mink Campers

The Vintages

Average price: from $104 per night

Less than an hour from Portland, Oregon is where you’ll find The Vintages, a luxury trailer resort with 31 vintage trailers located in the heart of the Willamette Valley wine country. And since each rental comes with two cruiser bikes, you can start exploring the vineyards instantly.| Book Now

A vintage trailer with two bikes in Dayton, Oregon’s bucolic Willamette Valley wine country.

Cruise around the Willamette Valley wine country on one of the bikes that comes with each rental trailer.

Courtesy of Phreckle Face Photography

The Holidays 

After being inspired by a magazine article about vintage campers, entrepreneurs Andrew Bryan Jones and Kellen Van Ausdal revived the classic camp vibes of the 1960s along Southern California’s scenic San Clemente State Beach with a campsite consisting of retro Shasta trailers set on a stunning ocean bluff. | Read More 

A retro Shasta trailer in Southern California’s scenic San Clemente State Beach.

Above is one of the many retro Shasta trailers you can find along the San Clemente State Beach thanks to The Holidays campground.

Courtesy of The Holidays

El Cosmico

Average price: from $169 per night

Another adventurous camping trip can be found at El Cosmico, the bohemian hotel campground in Marfa, Texas created by hotelier Liz Lambert of Bunkerhouse Group. Here, renters will discover numerous retro-styled trailers, along with plenty of outdoor amenities. | Book Now 

El Cosmico resort and campground in Marfa, Texas

A quick peek at one of the trailers at the El Cosmico resort and campground in Marfa, Texas.

Courtesy of Nick Simonite

Kate’s Lazy Desert

If you’re craving a quick escape to the Mojave Desert in California, be sure to check out Kate’s Lazy Desert, a campground created by lead singer of the B-52s Kate Pierson. Not only are the vintage trailers equipped with a plethora of amenities, but the area offers complete solitude, making it perfect for those looking for serenity. | Book Now

A trailer at El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas.

At Kate’s Lazy Desert, there’s no shortage of vintage trailers and serene vibes.

Courtesy of Kate’s Lazy Desert


Combining two joys of traveling—the open road and complimentary body wash—a new hospitality experience has arrived in Frankfurt, Germany thanks to the creators of Lente. Here, travelers can stay at a four-speed hotel room inside a 1981 Mercedes camper by the local hospitality group Lindenberg. | Book Now

Lente – a four-speed hotel room inside a 1981 Mercedes camper in Frankfurt, Germany.

At Lente, travelers can stay at a four-speed hotel room inside a 1981 Mercedes camper in Frankfurt, Germany.

Courtesy of Ériver Hijano


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