Room corners most often get overlooked, usually because they’re difficult to work with furnishing the space or planning the layout. Not many things fit well in corners with the exception, of course, of corner shelves or custom-made pieces in general. Tall potted plants are also known to look at home in corner spaces and so do a few other types of accessories and decorations. For now we’ll focus specifically on corner shelves. Check out ten of our favorite design ideas.

The material from which the shelf is made is important, especially if you’re planning on adding some corner shelves to the bathroom where there’s usually a lot of moisture. Tile corner shelves are perfect in this scenario. It’s best to install the shelves at the same time you’re putting the tiles up on the wall rather than adding them afterwards.

These wooden corner shelves featured on designsponge are also a good fit for certain bathroom interiors. They look lovely here by the sink and they would look equally charming in a kitchen. The towel hook screwed into the bottom shelf is a nice little detail in this particular case. Keep in mind that the wood needs to be treated and properly sealed if you’re to use in high-moisture spaces.

Rather than opting for several individual corner shelves perhaps you’d prefer a corner shelf unit like the one featured on instructables. You can make something like this yourself from scratch and you can customize however you please. The idea looks like a good fit for bathroom corners where you could set up a toilet paper station or you could use the shelves to organize and store toiletries.

Floating corner shelves like these ones are super versatile. They’re also very nonintrusive, sleek and lightweight and you can paint them in any color you want either so they match the walls or some other design elements in the room. Check out instructables to find out all the details of the project.

Corner shelves are perfect for small nooks like this one which sometimes inevitably become a part of a home’s layout either because of bad planning, lack of space overall or alternations done to the floor plan. In any case, with a few floating shelves you can easily maximize the potential of such nooks and give purpose to an otherwise useless space. There’s a nice tutorial on 4men1lady which shows you exactly how these shelves were built.

Corner shelves don’t necessarily have to be small. A good example is this set of shallow display shelves perfect for books and magazines. It fills this nursery corner and gives the space a nice, wholesome look. This idea is inspired by apartmenttherapy.

Corner shelves can also be very useful in kitchens. Use them to maximize your storage space. You can set up a small coffee station, keep spice jars on these shelves or herb pots, cookbooks, cups and all sorts of other things. Also, you can screw hooks into the bottom of the shelves, as shown on designsponge.

These corner shelves have an eye-catching design which makes them practical as well as decorative. Although the design is not the simplest one, you could actually build this sort of corner shelves from scratch and it would be fairly simple. You can find a list of supplies needed for the project and more details on instructables.

If you’re considering building the shelves yourself, one idea is to use reclaimed materials or to repurpose certain items. For example, check out these upcycled louver door corner shelves featured on prodigalplaces. They’re spray painted in a nice shade of greenish turquoise and they seem like a great accent piece for just about any room of the house.

Designed to fit in room corners and to be attached to two adjacent walls, these shelves have a simple and versatile structure and a stylish and modern look. The shelves are sleek but also sturdy and that’s a great combo regardless of the subject. Check out the detailed description of this project on instructables.

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