Rustic decor might be the most satisfying style of decorating to pursue in the home. You get to take your inspiration from the outdoors and bring in all the wood tones and reedy baskets your space can hold. A well styled rustic kitchen in particular is a joy to behold. The creamy hues and rough wood touches that encapsulate the space from ceiling to floor can make or break the peace of your home.

So when your family is gathering in your rustic kitchen at mealtimes, you want to be sure that your kitchen flooring is on point for your needs. Maybe you need a floor that will stand hardy against dog paws and boy boots. Or maybe you can opt for something more natural if it only encounters slippered feet and cat fur. Take a look at these 10 floorings that will encourage the rustic feel of your kitchen and decide which will suit your family’s needs.

Brick might seem like the obvious option for a rustic kitchen floor, but the baked orange clay can begin to flake with wear. Opt for tile flooring that looks just like bricks for the same look with longer lasting effects. (via Dragonfly-info)

Thinking the classic wood floor is what your rustic kitchen needs? Create yours out of reclaimed wood instead of buying all new. Not only will it save you big bucks, the wood’s variation from weather and time is probably what you envision in your kitchen anyway.

There’s just something about a natural stone floor that gives a kitchen that rustic cozy cottage feel. Maybe it’s the jewel tones or maybe it’s the rougher feel, but whatever the case it’s perfect for a kitchen that needs some kid resistance. (via Roses and Trust)

Looking for a kitchen floor that’s rustic but a little more Spanish in style and less country? You’re going to fall in love with a brick-like tile that creates a pattern across your floor. The one color gives continuity while the pattern creates interest. (via HGTV)

If there is one thing about wood floors, it’s that they are rather a pain to put in. So if you’re lamenting about putting one in your rustic kitchen, consider installing it but leaving off the staining and preserving part. Just sand it down smooth and enjoy the woody smell that will forever inhabit your kitchen.


Just because it’s rustic doesn’t mean you need to forgo black altogether. Opting for a black tile or stone floor will give your kitchen a bit of drama without making things look too industrial. (via Miloandmitzy)

Many rustic spaces focus on cream hues and pastel tones so you really want to watch yourself when it comes to wood flooring. Go for a gray stain or gray wood that won’t clash with your creamy kitchen. (via Lisagabrielson)

Maybe you really have your heart set on a brick floor in your rustic kitchen. You have our blessing. Consider installing it in a herringbone pattern that will stay up to date and classic at the same time. (via Joli Joli Design)

Speaking of herringbone, wood herringbone floors have really become a trend lately and it’s no wonder! When you have wood grains going in different directions, it will really set of any kitchen floor.

Maybe you already have wood floors and you’re looking to give your rustic kitchen a fresh new look. You’ll find the answer in a can of white paint. While it’s not recommended if you’re likely to have little people or little paws running through the room with muddy feet, it can be a great and frugal option for the house shoes family. (via Glitter Inc.)

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