10 Best Apartment Designs of 2020

Here are some great apartment designs that we’ve covered on DigsDigs during 2020. Btw, don’t miss the coolest apartment designs of the previous year. They are great too!

This unique apartment in NYC is done in pastel pink and green, with Mexican aesthetics and cacti-inspired designs.
Crazy Pastel Pink And Green Apartment In NYC

This chic apartment done in a neutral and pastel color scheme was designed in a Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv.
Contemporary Light-Colored Apartment In A Bauhaus Building

This space is part of a modern micro home created for an Italian-Persian couple with plenty of bright shades.
Colorful Micro Apartment With Persian Influences

This apartment is called ‘Minimal Fantasy’ and it was done in all shades of pink.
‘Minimal Fantasy’ Apartment In All Shades Of Pink

This small apartment is designed and inspired with love to the Aegean Sea and Greek villages in mind.
Small Quirky Apartment Inspired By The Aegean Sea

This eclectic apartment combines modernity and traditionalism, it’s bright and statement-like.

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