Today we present 10 beautiful engagement party looks for the Bride, from Styles Weekly:

One of the best things about being a bride-to-be is that there are so many events leading up to the wedding to celebrate you and the love that you have for your darling.

Take the engagement party, for instance. Even if you do plan to go the traditional and classic route of wearing white to the ceremony, it’s actually just as appropriate to wear it to the party as well. (You are the bride, after all!)

That’s not to say that there aren’t a few other popular hues that you could try. That’s why we’ve enclosed several formal, semi-formal and even casual dresses in all styles and colors for you to consider. That way, you can find a dress that is just perfect for the occasion.

1. A-Line Strapless Knee-Length Dress

A-line strapless knee-length dress
A-line strapless knee-length dress/via

Whether your engagement party is a formal dinner or even an afternoon brunch, this white A-line strapless dress is really sweet. It’s practical too because you can wear it again at other events following the wedding.

2. Blush And Beads

Blush and beads
Blush and beads/via

Bohemian fashion is something that you might want to consider. And what if it’s hard to find a dress with this kind of beading? No problem. If you keep a copy of the picture, you can hire a seamstress to make the dress for you!

3. Beautifully Embellished

Beautifully embellished
Beautifully embellished/via

If you like the idea of wearing all white, but you’d like to add some color to it as well, this kind of dress fits the bill. The bright embellishments makes it so perfect for an outdoor summer engagement celebration.

4. Off-Shoulder Taupe Maxi Dress

Off-shoulder taupe maxi dress
Off-shoulder taupe maxi dress/via

Want a dress that you can dress up for the engagement party and then dress down after it? How about this off-shoulder maxi dress.  Taupe is not a common color for this kind of event, but it’s such a beautiful type of neutral.

5. White With A Sweetheart Neckline

White with a sweetheart neckline
White with a sweetheart neckline/via

This is another quintessential engagement party dress. The sweetheart neckline and length makes it a dress that you can dance in for hours!

6. Gold Sequin And Tulle

Gold sequin and tulle
Gold sequin and tulle/via

If your engagement party formal but you don’t want to wear anything too lengthy? How about some sequin and tulle? And if it’s above the knee, that makes it extra fun.

7. Lace On Top And Flowers On The Bottom

Lace on top and flowers on the bottom
Lace on top and flowers on the bottom/via

Speaking of fun white dresses, ones that have flowers or feathers at the bottom is another festive touch.

8. Grey Vintage Embroidery

Grey vintage embroidery
Grey vintage embroidery/via

This is the kind of dress that will have people asking you the entire time “Ooo, where did you get your dress?” Embroidery is so unique and exquisite.

9. Silver And White

Silver and white
Silver and white/via

The white says “bride”. The silver says “lively”. Two words that are fitting for a bride-to-be while at her engagement party!

10. Stunning Bandage Dress

Stunning bandage dress
Stunning bandage dress/via

Rose color is uber feminine. And if it comes in the form of a bandage dress like this one, it is super sexy too.

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