The month of September is often synonymous with a new dynamic. The summer holidays are well and truly over, and the start of the school year is a good start. In addition, autumn is approaching, and the garden requires some preparation, as the temperatures are getting cooler and the plants have other needs. 

Here are 10 things to do in the garden in September.

1. Squash

September is synonymous with fall, and autumn also means harvesting squash. You can start picking them up if the peduncle is corky.

2. Harvest the bulbs

It’s time to harvest the bulbs from the garden like onions, garlic, or shallots. Harvesting usually takes place earlier, but know that these bulbs are still good if you haven’t had the time.

3. Harvest early apples

In the orchard, specific varieties of apples are harvested as early as September. This is particularly the case of the “Reine des Reinettes”;

4. Protections

Hornets or wasps can attack fall fruits like figs or pears. So remember to protect your fruit-bearing branches with a net.

5. Flowers

Clean up perennial flowers and early varieties like asters. Consider staking the fall daisies that are at risk of falling due to their large stems. Also, prepare space for future spring bulbs!

6. Chinese cabbage

It’s time to plant Chinese cabbage, and he loves the coolness of fall.

7. Take care of the shrubs 

Top the shrubs in hedges and prepare future plantings. Work the soil just after the rain to make it looser.

8. Watering trees

It is possible that the trees could suffer from late-season drought. A big tree needs a lot of water, about 100 L.

9. Bring color to the garden

It’s time to prepare for the rainbow that will reign in your garden. Plant hydrangeas, colorful shrubs, and many flowers in your flower beds!

10. Harvest cucurbits

On the cucurbits side, it’s not just squash. Also, remember to harvest pickles, cucumbers, or even the last melons.

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