#0 Learning to be more confident to make better art ⭐ My healing journey

This is the story of how striving for perfection became unhealthy and unproductive. And how I am learning to change my life to make better art and become more confident.

It is a story of the past few years intertwined with captured moments of my present self as I create art and clean my future studio. This is the start of my healing process, and I’m sharing it with you.

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✎ Story Chapters
00:00 Intro
01:03 Why I felt different
02:16 Hiding my imperfections
03:35 Why perfectionism & People pleasing
04:07 Comparison creates resentment
05:31 Showcasing my art
06:02 Beginning of change
08:49 Who I really what to be and why
09:21 Eczema and Lazy eye
09:41 Final thoughts & message to you
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12:10 Reading of Be Beautiful, Be Yourself
13:04 Bonus behind the scenes


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Hi Lovely. 👋 I’m Christine My Linh, an illustrator and storyteller. I’m building an illustrative world of calm, a place you can visit when you need inspiration, motivation, encouragement, or a moment of peace…all surrounded by the bunny and bear. 

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